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Mar 4, 2012 11:05 PM

Ken Ken Ramen & Boba Guys, SF? Asian Night Market 3/8-3/10

Any recent reports on Ken Ken Ramen? & What do hounds think of Boba Guys?

Ken Ken Ramen
3378 18th St, SF

Anyone try the Lucuma ice cream $3?

There's going to be an Asian style Night Market going on next door to them Thurs 3/8-Sat 3/10 from 6p-late:

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  1. Tried Ken Ken Ramen Thurs 3/8/12 for dinner. Got there 5:50pm and was the 2nd in line. Suppose to check in with the hostess, but didn't notice her until later I just grabbed a seat at the bar.

    I got a Shoyu ramen $11 - comes w/ noodle, pea shoots, 1 bok choy slice, 2 thick & well done pork slices, green onions, broth, & 1 soft boiled egg. I liked it fine. Ate it in about 20 min.

    Then I got a Boba milk tea $4 - It was nice, ate some of the boba, had a bunch left that I didn't finish. They use Straus milk & Indian loose tea.

    Subtotal $15 + $1.28 tax = $16.28 before tip. Charged it.

    One small unisex bathroom next to the Hostess, opposite side of the Ramen bar.

    Techno music played, can be loud in there.

    Starting Wed 3/14/12 - gonna open on Wed for Tonkotsu Ramen Only!
    Thurs-Sat 6p-10p