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Mar 4, 2012 10:13 PM

Where to buy frozen crawfish / crayfish?

I'm hosting a birthday party with a New Orleans theme and found a recipe for crawfish (or is it crayfish?) étouffée that uses frozen tail meat. Anyone know where I can find it on the Peninsula?


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  1. If you can't find EXACTLY what you're looking for the frozen langostinos at Trader Joes may work for you

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    1. re: ChowFun_derek

      TJ's doesn't always carry them so stock up if you find them

    2. I've seen them sometimes at the larger Asian markets such as 99 Ranch. Langostino is not a precise term, but usually refers to a salt water critter that's more like a large prawn or small lobster, which would not be a good substitute. Use medium sized shrimp if you can't find crawfish.

      In Louisiana, it's "crawfish".

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        "mud bug 
        noun Chiefly Mississippi Delta .
        a crayfish."
        I bought some at Lucky, whole, and pulled the meat but it was to muddy tasting and I tossed it.

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          Gosh, doesn't anyone (but me) call them "crawdads"?

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          I don't know...crawfish definitely look more like 'small 'lobsters' than a shrimp...and don't we use the term shrimp and prawn rather interchangeably here?

        3. I've seen them regularly at the Mollie Stones on 42nd in San Mateo, back in the freezer section of the meat area. Care to share your recipe?

          1. In the UK they're widely available. Costco have them here. Which is about the only brand that crosses the pond for groceries. Good luck!

            1. I used to get fresh crayfish alive and squirming from the Old Oakland Farmer's Market on Fridays, but I no longer work in Oakland, so I don't know if that vendor still shows up. It was seasonal and of course I can't remember the season. California exports lots to Louisiana... If that vendor is still around, he's likely to show up at the fancier farmers markets in San Mateo...