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Mar 4, 2012 09:06 PM

Last-minute help for vegetarian-friendly restaurants

Just booked a last-minute trip to Vegas. Leaving on Thursday and staying at the Mirage. I have been to Vegas many times, but this is my first trip since I became a vegetarian. Could you please recommend restaurants for dinner that are vegetarian-friendly? I'd like to keep the total bill under $100 for two (no alcohol). Thanks for helping!

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  1. All the restaurants at Wynn offer vegan menus. As a vegetarian your options are even greater. Easy cab ride or walk from Mirage. Without alcohol and with reasonable ordering you can take you pick of any of the restaurants there.

    My favorites:
    Bartolotta-farro risotto is wonderful

    Botero-steakhouse-type of place that slings out some great veg food

    Sinatra-freshly made agnolotti pasta with some sort of cashew cream was amazing

    Country Club-corn chowder alone makes it worth a visit

    Wazuzu-a number of great veg sushi and stir-fry options

    Other venues:
    Holsteins at Cosmopolitan makes a great vegie burger called the Urth burger. Real loud, "happening" place if that's what you're into.

    Mozen at Mandarin Oriental recently added a vegan and gluten-free menu. I "veganized" a grilled vegie wrap off the regular menu quite successfully. My wife had a veg curry which she really enjoyed.

    I can go on. If you need more recs, let me know.

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      Yes, thank you. I have looked at both Scarpetta and Bartolotta. I don't see the faro risotto on the current Bartolotta menu posted on Wynn's website. Were you there recently? Thanks for the very helpful reply!

    2. Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan has a vegetarian menu - the spaghetti with basil blew my mind when we were there last week.