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Mar 4, 2012 07:49 PM

Ferry Building Market - one meal Tuesday/Saturday

Will be in SF in the summer Friday-Wed and want to have one meal (quick picnic really) at the ferry building. It seems like the pork sandwich at Roli Roti is a crowd favorite. We don't eat pork and are wondering if there is another must-have prepared sandwich/etc or if we should just buy the separate meats/cheeses that appeal to us most.

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  1. If I could only eat ONE meal at the Ferry Plaza Building it would be at The Slanted Door. I love the Shaking Beef...but everything on the menu is exquisite. Next in line would be Boulette's Larder.

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    1. Roli Roti is there only 10:30-2 Thursdays and 8-2 Saturdays. Boccalone is there all the time and has great sandwiches, but buying meat there, cheese at Cowgirl, and bread at Acme makes sense if you want to picnic.

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        Does Boccalone sell anything that isn't pork?

      2. I never thought about it before, but the Ferry Building is very pork-centric in terms of the meat offerings. Roli-Roti does make a roast chicken that's popular, but I'm always so blinded by the porchetta that I've never bothered to try it.

        If the OP isn't kosher (i.e. is okay mixing milk and meat), 4505's Cheeseburger (burger if kosher) is at the Ferry Building on Saturday and is fantastic. The only other "Saturday only" sandwiches coming to mind are the smoked seafood ones in the rear section of the market. The seafood is good, but horribly overpriced, and in my one experience, really chintsy on the portions.

        Cowgirl Creamery Cheese might be your best bet if you want to do a picnic, but here are some places that serve non-pork sandwiches all week: for grilled cheese & for picnic