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Mar 4, 2012 07:13 PM

How long will a lasagna stay warm out of the oven?

We are having my sons first birthday next weekend at a local gymnastics place. They do not have an oven and I am trying to figure out what to serve for dinner. If I made lasagnas at home, how long would it stay warm for? Even If I took it out of the oven right before we leave it would still probably sit out for almost 2 hours, maybe a little less. If I wrapped it in foil and towels would it still be warm enough to serve or should I think of another idea?

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  1. I was going to give you about an hour. At 2 hours it would be a little warmer than room temp I would guess - not horrible but I wouldn't think hot. You say it is your son's first birthday, so I'm assuming he isn't eating it ;) Is this for the adults? If it was for kids I'd say you might be able to get away with it but adults might think it wasn't hot enough . . . . .

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      Yeah, it is mainly for the adults, although I am sure he will have a few bites! We leave the house at 2:20 and eat at 4. We have about 15 kids and 20 adults, I have hot dogs for the kids that I will keep warm in the crockpot but was trying to avoid pizza or sandwiches for the adults. Don't want to serve them cold food either though....

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        It will be pushing it a little but . . . . If your lasagna pan will fit in a beverage cooler (or if you make it in 2 pans that will fit in a cooler) you might be able to pull it off. Beverage coolers hold heat pretty well (the same way they hold cold) and caterers use a similar type of hot box to hold food for long times.

        If you do it that way I bet it will be warm and people will be happy.

        I do the same thing with hot dogs (okay brats more typically). I pour boiling hot water (okay beer, water and onions) into a large thermos along with brats and they will stay warm through an entire football game which is way longer than a few hours.

    2. There are a number of pastas than can be served at room temperature. That might work a little better.

      1. If you wrap it in towels and put it in a cooler it will be warm, not piping hot, but warm.

        1. This is one of my best impulse purchases. I think I got it from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's great for heat or cold.

          Mine has three pyrex containers--one 9x13, 2 8x11. You could use the smaller containers to keep the hot dogs hot.

          1. Do you have a roaster oven? You mentioned that a crockpot will be in attendance so you can it seems have plug in appliances. A roaster oven will keep them warm/reheat.