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Mar 4, 2012 06:40 PM

Which Omakase?

My GF and I are vacationing in Vancouver in a week's time and really want to experience an omakase dinner. Looking on this board, there's been lots of talk of Tojo's from last year with mixed reviews. Wondering if it is still the best Japanese restaurant to experience an omakase dinner, or whether there are other spots for a better experience?

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  1. Octopus Garden in Kits just over the bridge from downtown-no mega hikes into drear eastern suburbs needed.

    Their website is under (re)construction but I just drove past they are Open.

    1. My choice for omakase is Kimura which does require a schlep east (about a 20 min drive from Broadway and Granville to give you an idea). The value and the creativity are there -- starting from $30, as opposed to $80+ at OG and who knows at Tojo's. But it depends on what you want in terms of atmosphere also. Tojo's is way more upscale, and OG is more whimsical than Kimura. But Kimura feels the most "Japanese" to me. YMMV.

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        Definitely Kimura over Octopus Garden.

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          My family of 5 just had omakase at Kimura for $60 pp. We are not impressed with it at all. The food was almost equivalent to what we could have ordered from the menu or from other restaurants for a lot cheaper. Ingredients used were cheap, presentation was lacking and taste was so-so. Things seemed out of order too, and they filled us up with rice from sushi before the last course with steak. They must not have many meats to choose from as my sushi and sashimi fishes were exactly the same 3 (Salmon, Tuna and kanpachi).

          I've attached a picture of 6 of the 9 meal items. After the dinner, I checked online and realized the original chef had left in a few months before. =( Should have checked out more recent reviews....

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            Ah - too bad. KImura sold his restaurant a number of months ago and he is no longer involved in the operation.

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                There are reports that he is running Teriboy in Burnaby. No sushi on the menu.

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                  He's definitely running TeriBoy - near Dawson St. and Madison Ave. next to the FedEx depot. The menu has no sushi on it, but there are all kinds of daily specials posted inside the shop including sushi.

      2. Obviously can't go wrong with a "temple" like Tojo's.....but I just had the Omakase at Miku in Vancouver and was thorougly impressed. I believe it was around $80....there is a larger option but you have to order it in advance. (And as I finished writing this I realized that you asked the question in March! Ooops!)

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          How was the cook food portion of the Omakase at Miku? Has it improved? Loved the sushi, sashimi and dessert at Miku but the kitchen needed some work. Last time I went, it was clear they forgot to change the oil, tempura came out too dark and greasy.