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Mar 4, 2012 06:35 PM

Kosher lunch ideas for kids - 5 to 10 years old

It's that time of year when I'm completely bored of making lunches and my kids are tired of eating what I pack them. Any thoughts on well balanced kosher lunch ideas? Must be dairy or pareve. The bento box concept seems to work better with my kids than a sandwich, so 3 or 4 small item ideas per lunch would be great.

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  1. Have you checked out bento box sites? There are literally hundreds of them. I'd recommend, a photo-sharing site. You get to see what other people make for their lunches. I especially like the group called "Laptop Lunches," but there are many more. Just search under "groups" with keywords like "bento," "lunch," etc.

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      Thank you. I saw the bento boxes on by "sherimiya." Amazing. I think I might start doing these together with my kids the night before school a few days a week.

    2. I agree with queenscook. Also, you can post outside of the Kosher board; just ask about vegetarian lunches.

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        Pierogies are a good go-to for us.

        1. Borek as, calzones, little pizzas, rice salad, bean salad, potato skins, veggie burgers, latkes, mini quiche, tabbouleh. Anything mini is easy to pack since you an add more or les depending on the age of the kid.

          If you prepare pasta the night before, the possibilities increase. Sesame noodles, bowties with chopped tomatoes and basil, orzo salad, baked ziti, pasta salad.

          A small container of fruit, clementine or apple, veggie sticks with or without something to dip.

          And dont underestimate leftovers. As a kid I loved bringing a container of leftovers for lunch!

          1. I lived on PB & banana sandwiches all through school because I hated tuna salad and lunch had to be dairy or pareve. Believe it or not, I still love PB & banana. You don't really have to get too fancy with lunch, unless you want to. My kid can take meat for lunch so I do a lot of turkey but she's recently gone off sandwiches so I'm having to get creative.

            Crackers instead of bread.
            Hummus and pita and/or veggies.
            Peanut butter with apple wedges for dipping.
            DIY tacos or burritos - pack a tortilla, shredded cheese, and a small container of beans. If they can heat it up, so much the better. The same for kinda-quesadillas.
            Mac n cheese/lasagna/pizza - all are big hits as leftovers.

            One of the biggest hits I've ever done was pizza pops.
            Use whatever toppings you like or none at all. The stick is really not necessary, but for the younger kids it seems to make a big difference.

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              The pizza pops idea is fantastic! I'm going to try it after pesach. FYI, some schools don't allow anything on a stick to be brought with kids' lunches.