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Mar 4, 2012 06:29 PM

ISO Diamond Crystal salt in Winnipeg

Does anyone know where to find this now? I used to be able to reliably find it at Safeway (and sometimes at the other grocers in town), but lately I've been coming up dry. What gives? I know Bulk Barn sells kosher salt, but it doesn't measure the same, and many of my stand-by recipes have the salt worked out based on Diamond Crystal. Any leads would be welcome.

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  1. You found Diamond Crystal in Winnipeg? Several years ago, I searched far and wide for it until I gave up and resorted to buying it whenever I was in the US. I guess I should have kept an eye out for it.

    The store formerly known as Stephens & Andrews (on Academy, now only known by one of those names, but I can never remember which) might carry it. You can also do mail order (Golda's Kitchen, etc.) but given the weight, the shipping will likely be more than the salt.

    If that all fails, just adjust your recipes . One teaspoon of Diamond Crystal is 2.8 grams, 1 tablespoon would be 8.4 grams, 1 cup is 134.4 grams. If you're measuring salt by weight rather than volume, the equivalent weight of any other kosher salt (or any other salt) should give you the same degree of salinity.

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      I did. It used to reliably be at Safeway in Osborne Village, as well as at a few other Safeways, and Stephen and Andrews (whatever it is now) used to carry it too. I have resorted to buying it from The Spice House whenever I have other things to order, and it hasn't been too bad for shipping with their policy of flat shipping in a USPS box, but I was hoping I had just missed a small stash of it somewhere. I'm going to Minneapolis this week to so can stock up while there, but it's a pain. Maybe Golda's shipping will be less than The Spice House, too. I'm sure I can find a bunch of other things there that I might want!

      Weighing is an option too (thanks for the weights).

      1. re: Cmd2012

        In case anyone is interested, DeLuca's is willing Diamond Crystal salt now. Hopefully it sells well enough for them to keep it in stock.

        1. re: Cmd2012

          Thanks! I just picked up some at Penzey's in MSP in August, but it's good to know it's locally available for when I run out.

          Did you happen to notice if they have any Maldon Sea Salt? I had intended to get some in MSP, but forgot to go back to Lund's before we left. Oops.

          1. re: prasantrin

            No, I didn't notice any. I don't think I've ever seen any in town.

            1. re: Cmd2012

              I purchased some Maldon salt this summer at La Grotta on Taylor. It was over in their glass display case in the produce section, the case that carries the most prestigious of balsamic vinegars and truffle oils, etc. Tho the salt was under $2, so I was slightly confused at its location.....

              Unrelated, but I just had to mention that I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I went to the 'Prairie Provinces' board and discovered not one, but THREE new Winnipeg postings from different people all in the same day! The Wpg threads have been rather dry for the last while. Keep it up!

              1. re: Allegra_K

                Under $2?!??!! no frickin' way! That's ridiculously cheap!

                Was it a small container or the usual 1/2 pound size? The 1/2 pound box is usually around $8. I'm going to have to drop by there to see what they have (hopefully they'll still have some!).

                1. re: prasantrin

                  It was just a tiny slide-top metal tin.....there's no weight on the container, but I'm guessing the total tin could hold no more than a tablespoon. So, not all that cheap. I don't use it very often, so mine's lasted quite a while, but if you usually buy yours in half pound boxes, that could get rather pricey!

                  1. re: Allegra_K

                    Eek! If it was only about a tablespoon, that would jack up the price to something like $40 or $50 for 1/2 a pound!

                    I used to use it as a finishing salt for homemade caramels and brownies and stuff, but I haven't been making those things lately, anyway, so I guess I can wait till I go to the US again.


                    1. re: prasantrin

                      FYI--I was at La Grotta today and saw that they did indeed have the half-pound boxes of Maldon salt, for $12. Decent in a pinch, unless you make regular trips to MSP, then not really worth it.

                      I've been thinking of making a journey (my first) to Minneapolis exclusively to shop at all the great food places that Winnipeg lacks......what kinds of products do you stock up on that make the trip worthwhile? TJ's, Whole Foods, Mexican markets I presume would be on the list.

                      1. re: Allegra_K

                        Thanks! Someone is picking me up some in the US next month, but if I can't wait, I'll head to La Grotta.

                        In MSP, I always get Middle Eastern stuff. Holy Land is one of my favourite places to visit (the original one on Central? or Lake?, but the one at Midtown Global Market will do). We stock up on ME cheese, labneh, their house-made pita chips and hummus (they have many different varieties). They have a killer garlic sauce, but were unfortunately out the last time we went. Also cans of foul mudammas and other assorted things.

                        I don't bother with whole foods anymore (overpriced), but I do go to TJ's to pick up nuts and dried fruits. Also their by-the-pound chocolate bars, and snacks. I hear their seasonal puff pastry is out, so if I were going, I'd bring a cooler to bring some of that back (also phyllo--way cheaper than here).

                        Don't forget Costco in St. Louis Park. Seriously. If you're into Christmas baking, it's $7 for 4 pounds of butter, and it was something like $5 for a huge block of cream cheese (I think it was 2 or 3 pounds). They also still have that delicious cheese/caramel popcorn that they no longer carry at the Costco here, plus these chocolate-covered salted caramels that were a big hit at work.

                        And I always, always go to at least one of the farmer's markets. Last time we only made it to the MSP one. They have some great Asian vegetables that aren't easily found in Winnipeg, and they are CHEAP! We even got cilantro with the roots last time we were there.

                        And I always go to Penzey's to refill on spices.

                        (You didn't ask, but for restaurants, we normally eat Middle Eastern and Mexican because it's difficult if not impossible to get good ME and Mexican food in Winnipeg. And there's a Turkish place just north of MSP that was pretty frickin' great (we ended up stopping by for take out on our way back to Winnipeg, so we could eat it in the car on the way up. Oh, and Al's Breakfast. We ALWAYS go to Al's Breakfast and we order the same things every time.)

                        Oh, if you are into cheese-making and/or home-brewing, someone on the MSP board directed me to a really great supply shop. It was huge and had reasonable prices.

                        One more--for alcohol, Surdyk's has stuff you won't find in Winnipeg, and the prices are much better, too (especially if you're there during a sale period--I paid $30 for a bottle of St. Germain last summer). There are other cheaper places, but surdyk's is a good one-stop shop.

                        1. re: prasantrin

                          Wow-thanks for such a thorough reply! I should create a folder for all of this info. (A Penzey's?!Cheesemaking shop? Yeah! )Now all I need is to convince my spouse to come along for a days-long grocery excursion. Hmm, this may be a solo trip.

                          Agree about the ME and "Mexican" food around's pretty dismal. One day, perhaps.

                          Again, thank you! Planning seems much less daunting now.

                          1. re: Allegra_K

                            If he's not willing, I'd go with you! Even though I don't know you and it seems a little weird, but food folks are usually pretty interesting folks and I haven't met a single creeper yet! I swear I'm normal!

                            (oh, for Mexican there are tons of Mexican grocery stores, including Mercado Central which is not too far from the main branch of Holy Land, but the largest one I know of is El Burrito Mercado. A little more out of the way, but they have a huge selection of items, plus they have a cafeteria-style as well as a regular sit-down restaurant to try all those delicious Mexican foods you can't get here (or which are only available as poor examples of those foods).

                            1. re: prasantrin

                              "I swear I'm normal!" ....that got me laughing! Good line.

                              And thanks for the offer! I'll keep that in mind. I may be out of my league here; all of your posts are so informative and're like a food sensei! I'm just an eager student.

                              I'll have to compile a list of all the things that I can't get here. Decent mexican will be on my list for sure!
                              For ingredients though, I've noticed that the latino grocery stores here are starting to expand their offerings a bit--I was at Mercadito Latino recently and the amount of South American items has really increased. Frozen aji amarillo, rocotos, I can try to do Peruvian at home. I even picked up some other mexican ingredients that I haven't seen around before. Who knows, maybe cilantro roots aren't that far behind. (I asked around for those once at Dong Thai, and the owners actually laughed in response.)

                              And I've completely hijacked this thread. Salt, salt.

    2. now that I know where to find it in Los Angeles where I purchased my box, if you can't find it, I'm happy to get a box to you OP.

      1. Just to follow up: De Nardi is selling it again, and Bernstein's deli is as well. DeLucas also has it sometimes. I also got some Maldons sea salt at De Nardi. They carry both the regular and smoked.