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Mar 4, 2012 05:36 PM

GF in Clearwater/Safey Harbor Area

I am a local in Clearwater and am gluten intolerant. I am worn out of going to the same gluten free friendly places. While most of them are very good, I could really use a change of pace (especially an asian place that caters or at least can accomodate gluten free). These are my normal haunts: Casa Tina's, Clearsky, Carrabas, Cabana de Tio, Serendipity, Pico Rojo, Carmel, Laziz and Ohana. I know that Smokey Bones. Bonefish and Lee Roy Selmon's have gf menus but I am not a huge fan of their food. Prefer flavorful, adventuresome food rather than your "chili's" type restaurants. Any ideas are appreciated!

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  1. New restaurant Lulu on 3rd Ave. N. may be your answer. It is a Brazilian Steakhouse. Dinner around $ 25. Wine extra.

    1. I'm a Safety Harbor resident and also a big fan of Laziz & Carmel. If you don't mind driving a little further from home, try Rice. It's a Korean place up on Hillsborough Ave. They have GREAT grill at the table marinated short ribs. If you cook the meat for a while it starts to caramelize. They will also cook the ribs for you in the kitchen. Yummy!! It comes with lettuce wraps and a miso paste that you put on the lettuce. LBNL you also get a wide array of other sides that you can put in your wraps or eat alone. It includes lots of great picked stuff, Kim Chee, dried shrimp, veggie dishes, tofu, marinated black beans. Plus, you get my 2 favorite sides custard and mushroom soup (I often mix them together) You have to reserve a charcoal table. They are much better then the electric grills.