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Mar 4, 2012 04:27 PM

Txikito - dish recommendations please!!

Hello, 6 of us are planning to check out Txikito for dinner. After having read through some posts on the different dishes there, I've narrowed down a few things that I think they do well (in order of preference). I'd appreciate some advice on the same - if I'm missing a must have or have a colossal dud in there :) Also, would it be possible to get some idea of the portion sizes? If 6 of us wanted to taste all of these, how many of each should we be ordering, 1,3,6?? And, approximately, how many dishes per person? I guess there'll always be exceptions, some small dishes and some larger that the others but on average....

Here goes,

1. Arraultza (Sofrito, Chorizo and quail egg)
2. Pulop (Octopus carpaccio)
3. Patatak (Fries with cod roe mayo) - Just curious, is it the mayo that make it different from regular fries?
4. Morcilla (Blood sausage bundles)
5. Piperrak (Gernika pepers)
6. Gambas (Shrimp)
7. Albondigas: (Lamb meatballs)
8. Txipiron (Squid ribbons)

In addition to these, I guess I should keep an eye out for their specials. Anything in particular that is really good?


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  1. Make sure you get the suckling pig (it's usually on the specials board). You may need 2 orders for 6 people.

    The arraultza has 3 pieces. You'll need 2 orders I think.

    > Just curious, is it the mayo that make it different from regular fries

    Yes, basically.

    I don't see the croquettas in your list...

    The servers are usually pretty good at helping your order and/or adding an extra piece if you needed. I wouldn't worry about it -- they will definitely give you guidance.

    I always order and then ask them if they think it's enough. And you can always add more if you want.

    240 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001

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    1. re: kathryn

      I would add the morros prensados (seared veal jowl terrine), the Pil Pil (salt cod poached in olive oil), and the lengua (crispy beef tongue with mustard).
      Not a big fan of the lamb meatballs; I find them rather ordinary. And I second Kathryn's vote on the suckling pig--it's delicious.

      240 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001

    2. Had another great meal here last night. Toast of marinated white anchovy, eggplant, piquillo was excellent. Loved the iberico sausage/charcuterie with fava beans (special). Suckling pig was excellent as usual (nice crispy skin, tender meat). And we thought we were getting full but devoured an entire trout wrapped in jamon.

      Navarran white asparagus, celery-black truffle vinaigrette, chopped egg was excellent and a nice contrast to the meaty items. As did the tiny heads of baby butter lettuce served with Basque anchovy and Bonito del Norte (white tuna in olive oil). The head-on shrimp, with olive oil, sea salt were succulent, and huge, and very garlicky.

      The best item was probably the squid ribbons -- served a la plantxa w/ sweet onion and pine nuts. Like the best pasta ever -- sweet, a little chewy. Amazing. As was the octopus carpaccio. Extremely flavorful and tender. Wonderful, and it's hard to eat octopus any other way.