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Mar 4, 2012 03:59 PM

Mercury Pizza on South Lamar/Kinney Ave

Was wondering if anyone has tried this place? I drove by one day before they were open & it looked like they had some outdoor seating. Is that right? Do they also have indoor seating? AND do they sell beer/wine? If not, can you BYOB?

It would be great to have some place to sit outside & have really good pizza. (Just got back from NYC so I'm craving good pizza)! Help!!!

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  1. We ordered pizza from here at work last week, and I thought it was serviceable. The slices are ginormous. We got one margarheita and one with a bunch of meat and veg. The part I wasn't crazy about was the "bone" of the crust (the end). It had a bland, watery aspect to it.

    I think a slice and a drink are around $5 for lunch, and the slice is just insanely big.