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Mar 4, 2012 01:51 PM

Mariners/Safeco hot dogs in grocery stores

A couple of years ago, you could buy Mariners or Safeco Field hot dogs at QFC. I can't remember which they were called. They were my mom's favorite. Anyone know who made these/where to find them now? Thank you.

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  1. I have seen them at Albertson's, but I don't remember who makes them; they had a prominent M's logo on them, so think they would be hard to miss!

    1. They're made by Cloverdale meats. I got them at Costco, but I haven't looked for them recently.

      1. Interesting (but old) article on these:

        And this link (if it works) seems to imply they want you to think of these Cloverdale Dogs at Albertson's as the Mariner Dogs:

        Here's Cloverdale's page. They make two sizes; this is the 6 per.

          1. re: Boychucker

            My mother loved the Mariner Dogs also! We used to get them at Costco but have not seen them available this year. So.... I checked the Cloverdale Meats web site and found a list of, SUPPOSEDLY, where you can buy them. What I found was a list that had not been updated in over 4 years and at least 4 of the stores are no longer doing business.

            1. re: Norsedude

              Big sign at Cash & Carry today promoting them. I guess they carry them. If you're willing to buy them by the case.

          2. This is an old post, but.... :) Cash and Carry carries them. They sell the sausage too!