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Mar 4, 2012 01:29 PM

Anyone tried authentic Korean -- Che Ju Do ?

There's a bunch of "authentic" Korean restaurants in the NE. When I say authentic, I mean most customers are Korean as are the waitresses who have a very hard time speaking english. I've been to Seoul Garden at 101 Washington Lane, which was a great Korean BBQ buffet.

I've drove by another called Che Ju Do at 716 Adams Ave and again I see mostly Korean customers with a Korean wait staff --even less English. They have a fixed price tasting menu with sashimi and live octopus! But that's over $100. They also have some dishes at about $30 (incl the live octopuses) it seems. However, there's no review of this place yet. A lot of money to risk on exploration.

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  1. I haven't been there but I have been looking for a restaurant that serves live octopus in Philadelphia. If we get there before anyone else replies I will let you know!! thank you!

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      Have you eaten it ? l had it in Gwangiu Korea and it is indeed live octopus and one of my favorite food stories.

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        No, not yet. We eat a lot of Korean food and my son saw it on television and is dying to try it. I showed him plenty of videos of the octopus crawling out of people's mouths and up their noses but that just seemed to spur him on!

    2. Not even exactly sure how someone in Philadelphia would source live octopuses in Philly. It's funny they setup there because that area is mostly Vietnamese and maybe some Cantonese area. Most Koreans are in the 101 Washington Lane area.

      1. My next door neighbors are Korean and we mentioned several places we llked. They told us it was worth the drive to Gaya in Skippack. We did and never gone back anywhere else. We are often the only non-Koreans there and the food quality is good.

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          Looked at the menu. What do you order?

          1. re: Chinon00

            The above link for Gaya is incorrect. Should be this one, but I can't attest to its currency.

            Went for the first time last week on a weeknight and the place was half full, mostly Koreans. My friend said that they're under new management/ownership and that the change was recent (>2 months). Dated decor, but clean. Saw two bussers and three serving staff who were also the managers/owners. Slow, uncommunicative service and it was difficult to get most requests taken care of, let alone catch anyone's eye. Very little English.

            We ordered a combination sample platter of meat, originally listed with short ribs (galbi), pork belly (samgyupsal), duck, and intestine. We were randomly substituted a couple of other things instead of the intestine, but without telling us; luckily, my friend doesn't enjoy intestine so it worked in our favor. Meat was fresh and good quality, with an enjoyable marinade. We received a decent selection of banchan, at least 8 different kinds, and one of the cooks came out, twice, with some complimentary fried fish (maybe mackerel?). The mackerel was quite good, although greasy, and the squid salad and daikon radish soup (banchan) were exceptionally good. We also ordered some mandoo where were fine and some soondubu jigae which was also fine (and we might have ordered one other thing, but I have forgotten what it was). Rice was a high quality and tasty multi-grain, but slightly overcooked. BBQ is on the expensive side, but was good. I'd return, but only with a Korean speaker!

        2. Bumping this because I'm looking for more information on Che Ju Do mentioned above. Has anyone been here? I can't seem to find a google listing for even a phone number!

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              Eww to the sannakji (living octopus)? Just think of it as very fresh sashimi!

          1. The food was good. I do not remember what we had, but We did not have the $100 menu. It has been awhile, but I remember that the owners were friendly and nice. The place was empty. It was good enough for us to what to go back. btw: around the corner was a Spanish restaurant that looked nice.

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            1. re: ken from conshy

              Ken, I will assume you are writing about Che Ju Do and therefore, ask you for any contact information of theirs that you may have. Also, what did you order and how long ago did you go?

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                Mookleknuck, it was months ago in the winter. and I do not remember what we ordered. My SO is new to Korean food and enjoyed as did I. Limited menu. The owner was our server, and we talked about the $100 meal. It seemed worth it..

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                  Much appreciated, Ken. Would you happen to know if the 716 Adams Ave. address posted above is accurate or have any other contact info?

                  1. re: mookleknuck

                    Not sure of address. Same shopping center as MickeyD's.