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Mar 4, 2012 01:27 PM

Quiche in Arlington or Falls Church for dinner??

Taking my Mom out for dinner is a challenge these days, but one thing she really likes is quiche. We make her quiche at our house, but when we want to take her out to eat its challenging to find places that offer it for dinner.

Any recomendations in Arllington or Falls Church?



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  1. La Cote D'Or in Arlington. An old-fashioned standby.

    1. If you're willing to drive to Great Falls, the casual bistro of Auberge Chez Francois is likely to fill your need. The bistro, called Jacque's Brasserie at L'Auberge, is in a space under the main restaurant. If you enter from the main restaurant, you'd face the challenge of steps. Instead, drive around the back and you'll find an above-grade entrance to the Brasserie.

      Incidentally, the Brasserie doesn't post its full menu so I can't confirm quiche is offered in the evening. However, this restaurant is such a long-standing part of the community, I'm confident they'll do special requests with advanced arrangements.

      1. I'm sure someone will strip me of my Chowhound account, but you can get decent quiche at La Madeleine. There's one at Bailey's Crossroads near the now-defunct Borders.

        1. If you could come to Alexandria, Virtue Feed and Grain has a really nice one.

          1. Not sure about dinner. But my favorite quiche comes from Heidelburg Bakery. Good stuff! She might enjoy...