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Mar 4, 2012 12:13 PM

Planning a rehearsal dinner in WestChester

We're planning a rehearsal dinner for an April wedding and would love some local recommendations. The wedding itself is at Blue Hill, so ideally we'd like somewhere that's not overly formal for the night before, but with a good menu and private area or separate room that can seat 20 or so.

A few places in consideration are:

Modern Barn
Harvest on Hudson
Flying Pig
Rini's Restaurant

If anyone can share experience with any of the above or has other suggestions, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    1. Eduardo's, lex Square Cafe
      Also unfortunately flying Pig is closed

      1. Moderne Barn is so loud, you wouldn't be able to hear each other. They have an upstairs but its not a private area. Flying Pig is closed. We had a rehearsal at Opus in Armonk. They do have a private upstairs.

        1. The original comment has been removed