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Mar 4, 2012 12:12 PM

Info on Willie Mae's Scotch House

Hey all!

We are planning our first trip to NOLA next week and was hoping someone could confirm if Willie Mae's is open on Saturdays? We have seen conflicting information online with some sites saying it is open and some is saying it's closed. We are only going to be in town Sat through Mon, so it would be great to have this info so we can plan around it.

Also, if we show up at 11AM, will there be much of a wait?


- Lis

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  1. Last time I was there, they were closed on Sat/Sun. If you go right at 11 the wait shouldn't be too bad.

    Adding: If you want to know for sure, call them tomorrow. (504) 822-9503

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      Getting there a few minutes before they open you should be fine, but I have only been during the week not on weekends. I must also say I havebeen three times and have not been blown away, it was decent at best. The sides are good but I didn't think the chicken was that great.

    2. Before you go read the reviews posted on this site.

      1. Would you guys suggest lil dizzies over Willie Maes?

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        1. re: Lisabethm

          I'd suggest Popeyes over Willie Maes.

          1. re: Lisabethm

            Lil' Dizzy's is definitely better than Willie Mae's.

            1. re: StBernardGirl

              I've heard/read that LD's has GREAT fried chicken. Having never been, I wonder: Do you recommend one LD over the other? And is the chicken a regular menu item or served only on the buffet?Thanks.

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                I thought they only do the buffet (no menu), though I could be mis-remembering.

                1. re: noradeirdre

                  Have you had the chicken there, nora, and if so, what did you think?

                  1. re: nomadchowwoman

                    I have had the chicken there, and it was delicious!

          2. I completely disagree with the detractors on the chicken--especially the suggestions that Popeye's is better. But , as with most things, people will disagree.

            In general: WMSH is a joint (albeit a clean, well-lighted place) on a corner in a dingy neighborhood, w/great, crackly crisp fried chicken, well-seasoned but not so spicy that only a few can tolerate the heat. The sides, depending on what you order, are good to ok; don't bother ordering salad. (I always order the chicken w/the red beans side.) The service is usually friendly, but can be indifferent--and very slow. Really, other than the chicken, there's not much to recommend the place--but if you love really good fried chicken, esp. the dark meat, and you don't mind a little NOLA style urban experience, you shouldn't miss it.

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            1. re: nomadchowwoman

              Well, I'm just saying that I have not been impressed on any of my visits. I kept hoping that I caught them on a bad day but on each of my visits I was not impressed. I have no problem with it being a joint, hell I used to go to Henry's soul food on Claiborne and eat turkey necks so I have no problem with it being a joint or the neighborhood that it is in. I am basing my opinion solely on the merits of the fried chicken and itjust doesn't do anything for me. I think it may be the wet batter, just not a fan of it.

              I used to be a big fan of the chicken at Mandina's but find that isn't as good as it once was. Sadly the best fried chicken I have had in the last year other than Popeye's was in NYC at one of David Chang's restaurants.

              1. re: roro1831

                Ah, well, I don't think WM's chicken can stand up next to David Chang's. But we're comparing apples and merlitons. In NOLA, WM's gets lots of love--and as with all things that get lots of love,there are going to be lots of non-fans.
                I'm not a serious fan of fried chicken, by any stretch, but I do absolutely love that shattering crunch on WM's, followed by the juicy interior. But, I've been there with lots of different people, some of who will pronounce it the "best ever " and some who will say, ok, it's good, but not great. (My two sisters, for ex, are in opposite camps.)
                That's just the way it is with tastes. I'm not questioning anyone's (and certainly not suggesting that you or anyone objects to the environment), just letting the OP know that there are people who love that fried chicken, which she probably knows and is why she's asking about the hours) and give her some information as to what to expect.

            2. I just got back from my trip to NOLA. What's my verdict on WMSH? It was AMAZING.

              I am a big foodie and have tried about half of the places on Ny Mag's "9 Fried Chickens to have Before you Die" list, but this took the cake. It was honestly the best friend chicken I have ever tasted. The meat was incredibly juicy (it was dripping all over) and the skin had a crispy crunch that was nothing short of devine. I was honestly in some sort of food trance/food'gasm until about 2.5 pieces in and my bf said I had never looked so happy in all the meals we have had together. Also, for people who complain about long waits, we got there at 11 and only had about 10-15 minutes for our food. Service was speedy and great.

              And for the record, I have also tried David Chang's friend chicken at Momofuku and thought that WMSC was far superior. While the asian style friend chicken was probably the second best friend chicken i've ever had, his classis southern fried chicken was nothing special. Everyone at my 8-person table agreed with this.

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              1. re: Lisabethm

                I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is certainly my favorite of the places in town I've been (and I haven't been to Lil Dizzy's). Did you try any oher local fried chicken, Lisabethm?
                I've never had Chang's southern-fried" chicken, only the asian style (I don't remember having a choice but I would have selected asian-style, which I actually prefer, whether Korean or Thai style); in fact, that chicken, which my dining companion insisted I had to have, sparked a mini interest in fried chicken for a little while). But I'm not a real aficionado of fried chicken as you obviously are.

                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                  And when you make reservations for the fried chicken dinner, which can only be done online and 30 days in advance, the dinner comes with one chicken fried Southern styl;e and one chicken fried Korean style

                  1. re: roro1831

                    You know I don't remember two kinds of chicken; I went with someone from NYC who took a small group and absolutely raved about the chicken; this was a year and a half or so ago. (This person could have reserved 30 days ahead, I guess, but I have no idea; this was a planned outing.) I definitely do not recall having two kinds of chicken, but I do know I loved the Korean-style.
                    And I'm certainly not questioning how good Chang's southern-style is, roro1831, b/c I really do not think I had it. I was just saying that to me (a) comparing traditional southern fried and asian style fried is like comparing apples and oranges and that (b) I like WM's. I'm not really any kind of expert on fried chicken; however, I know lots of people who do take FC very seriously love WM's--so I didn't want the OP to write it off b/c some people don't like it. Since she really liked it, I'm glad she went. And, yes, of course people have different tastes. Haven't we all had people tell us "don't even bother with that" or vice versa--and we've tried it and had the opposite reaction? There's just nothing absolute about taste.

                2. re: Lisabethm

                  And I thought his Southern Fried chicken was the best I have ever had, as did all but one person we were with. I guess it just goes to show you that everyone has different tastes.