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Mar 4, 2012 11:57 AM

tamashi west island

Went to Tamashi last night with hubby. We were both wowed!. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with lots of red and white and plenty of water features. The menu was interesting and had something for everyone ( We both had the won ton soup. I love La Perle's won ton soup but this one blew it away. We loved the soup that seemed to be a mix of Fuji's soup and traditional won ton but with even more flavor! I need to see if I can order for lunch take out. Then we ordered Shrimp Tempura that came with a sweet sour sauce. I wasn't fond of the sauce but hubby loved it. The tempura came with veggie tempura as well. Really well done and grease less and everything was really good. I chose the sizzling teriyaki shrimp which as absolutely great. Lots of veggies with a great sauce and plenty of shrimp. Hubby had the General Tao chicken and claimed it was one the best that he'd ever had. Cost for both was $66.00. Since it's a bring your own wine I brought sake which made the whole thing very affordable.

Tamashi...we'll definitely go back!

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  1. Isn't this restaurant located in Laval(unless they have West island not listed on their website)?

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      If I'm not mistaken, there is one at the Farmer's Market (Marché de l'Ouest) in DDO on Sources.

      1. re: MikeyMadness

        Yup, in Marche de l'Ouest, it took over the Peche Peche location.

      2. It has taken over Peche Peche. at Marche de l'ouest.