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Mar 4, 2012 11:28 AM

Only 3 Dinners in St. Martin...What Are Your Favorite Picks?

We are 8 adults going to St. Martin for a long weekend. We are looking for great food and a fun atmosphere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. THere has been alot written about this on this site. Do a search for St Martin. This said, don't mis TI BOUCHON...MOMO the host is a fantastic chef and host!!

      1. Ti Bouchon is a definite must as is Bistro Nu. La Villa is always lovely. I would do Pinel Island and book lunch in the "treehouse" table as soon as you arrive there. Grilled lobster, a white burgundy and a stunning view :)

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        1. Pinel Island is a must, no matter what you eat. All the food is good their ( only open for lunch, the last boat back is at 6PM). The Lolo's in Grand Case is a must. The best one, in my opinion is Talk of the Town. Prepare for a smokey atmosphere. The bbq ribs, chicken, lobster is excellent. The mac and cheese , potato salad, sides are good. Try the Johnny Cakes for sure.
          Le Planteur, near Oyster Pond, has great foie gras, and very fresh well made fish. There is another place near there L'Eden, has very good mussels.
          Mr. Busby's, on Dawn Beach for lunch has good ribs and chicken and lobster. At night it becomes Daniel's and serves Italian food.
          Avoid Aura at the Westin, not very good and quite expensive. Temptations in Phillipsburg is good.
          The restaurants that do pizza by the ferry in Marigot are all bad, especially Arawak Cafe that place is the worst.
          The beach restaurants on Orient Beach are good. The one that has thai food , I think it is Kon Tiki is terrific for lunch.
          The restaurants in the Village of Orient Beach, are decent except for the Italian one that serves pizza. It is bad.
          I did not enjoy the fancy restaurants in Grand Case, i found them overrated.
          Spend a night in Anguilla for some really good food, try Blanchards. or for lunch Smokeys.

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            Which restaurant on Pinel? We will be there for a day over the Christmas holidays and want to do something different. Do you mean Karibuna or Yellow Beach?

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              Karibuni by FAR!! And make sure as soon as you get there you reserve a table under the giant palm tree with the view of the water....and have a bottle of the rose in the blue bottle...yummy!!

          2. Grand Case is the gourmet center of the island which itself is the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.

            The best restaurant on the island is in Grand case and it's called L'Estaminet. Google their reviews. Nuf said
            Other restaurants to consider: Spiga, Skip Jack's(not fancy but good) and La Vie en Rose. For a great, reasonable restaurant that serves local creole food try Yvette's.

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              Don't miss TI BOUCHON!!! Momo, the the best...and his food is wonderful (and a lot less commercial) than most of the other restaurants in town!!