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Mar 4, 2012 10:43 AM

Steveston/Richmond best of Suggestions

I am in town with my husband in April and we are looking for great places to eat for the 5 days we're there. We are staying in Richmond and will be spending all of our time there and in Steveston. We are wanting the best of the best ideas. Best breakfast, best donair, best supper, etc...I don't want any asian food and that's all I seem to find on the boards. Hole in the walls suggestions welcome, as long as their the best.

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  1. "I don't want any asian food and that's all I seem to find...."

    You're not in Kansas anymore......

    1. i asked a question recently about Steveston - here is the link and the helpful answers
      i agree that there's a lot of asian food info on this board but that is what is popular in current Vancouver - so don't be discouraged, there is other food ( we have asian family who are pretty keen on OTHER foods like you too)

      i'm sure you'll get input from others, it's very interesting here in Vancouver area. Remember that the Canada Line (like a subway) can whisk you downtown to Georgia St and Granville St intersection in about half an hour from Richmond (either the YVR Airport or the other end of the line ... look on the official website for maps and other info)

      STEVESTON info =

      for an interesting adventure - and some mid-eastern food - take Canada Line all the way to the "seabus" in Downtown Vancouver (which is an old famous CPR station) and go upstairs, walk a few blocks and get some take-out (only a few sitdown tables) at Anatolia Express --- we've been talking about that recently here on this board too. Great view, the freshest air, it's real old vancouver like no other city in North America.

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        I am aware of the good Asian restaurants in the area. And I know they are numerous. We have been there before a few times, but this time wanted to find something else. When you ask about richmonds hidden gems, the answers are usually Asian restaurants. Any other time I have asked that has been my experience. So I didn't really know any other way to pose the question.

      2. One of the better restaurants in all of Richmond is Tapenade Bistro in Steveston. Some really creative dishes combined with good service - it's always been a pleasure dining there. Look up some of the reviews by our local food bloggers (ie. follow me foodie) for some good pictures and descriptions of the food.

        I personally love their linguini in a cognac/truffle cream sauce, and my mother always insists on having the mussels and frites. I had cioppino once and was disappointed with all aspects of the dish. Banana bread pudding for dessert is my fav. Good wine list too. Check out their website.

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          Gudrun in Steveston for something different

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            Yeah, Gudrun and Hog Shack are possibly the best places in Steveston for craft beer.