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Mar 4, 2012 10:33 AM

Spice Station - Spice Heaven

I went to the new Spice Station / Station Épices location at 5610 Monkland Ave. (There's already a Montreal location at 174A Bernard W. in Outremont.)


A huge selection of spices, herbs, sea salts, peppercorns, chiles, custom blends, rubs, and everything in between. Swimming Fish Rub from Syria, Salish-Alderwood Smoked Salt, Lemon Juice Powder... They even have the eternally hard-to-find Berbere - so no more need to schlep across town to Jean-Talon Market when I want to cook Ethiopian food.

As a bonus, they also have a nice selection of black, white and green teas, as well as some interesting herbal & rooibos blends. (Egyptian Katmia Flower Blossoms tisane or Red Bourbon Vanilla rooibos, anyone?)

Everything is sold by the ounce (perhaps a holdover from their US origins? The original location is in California) with a one-ounce minimum on most spices. You can smell the sample bottles which line the walls at your leisure to decide what you want, or ask the knowledgeable server. I believe they will also grind your spices to order. Spice prices range from $1.50-2.75/ounce and up, and the price goes down the more you buy.

There are take-home price sheets for the current selection of spices and teas (they change seasonally) so you can study - and drool - at your leisure.


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  1. Thanks, kpzoo! Looks fantastic-- I love buying my spices in small amounts like this.

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    1. re: picklebird

      this is so handy, I really only need small amounts so glad to have one nearby, signed up for their newsletter too.

    2. Been looking for some proper Smoked Paprika. Do they have it?

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      1. re: SKYMTL

        "Sweet smoked paprika" is on the list. You can also get at least a few kinds of smoked paprika in metal tins at Akhavan and Milano. Not sure what qualifies as "proper" for you. ;-)

        1. re: SKYMTL

          Been wondering that as well. I've been desperate enough to order it from a place in Calgary after a few smoked paprika fails bought in MTL (the one I order is amazing and from La Vera, at least.)

          1. re: CallAnyVegetable

            you can pick up Pimenton de la Vera at Akhavan and at Le Maitre Boucher... (oops just saaw KP Zoo had already answered)

        2. Looks interesting, could you post a picture of the current price sheet?
          Thank you.

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          1. re: Virgile

            Unfortunately it won't be legible, sorry. You can get a general idea of prices on the their website.

            1. re: kpzoo

              If you have been to their Bernard Avenue location. How does this location compare to their original Montreal location? Same selection more or less? Same approx. size store? Was the owner there when you went?

              1. re: BLM

                I haven't been to the Bernard location, but maybe someone else has. The owner was not there when I went.

                1. re: kpzoo

                  From checking your pictures inside new location in your original posting & checking Google Maps, the selection & size of store seems to be more or less the same.

          2. Oh yeah, I meant to stop there next time I have a moment. I have some things l'm hoping to find (not that my spice drawer AND my herb drawer aren't already overflowing). Thanks for the post and reminder.