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Mar 4, 2012 08:31 AM

Northampton - where to eat past midnight ? and breakfast the next morning ?

We will be stopping 1 night this friday in Northampton and should be arriving between 12-1 am .
To get an outing of our 1 night stop and to save time, we'd like to have a late night supper once we arrive. We're young and accustomed to eating & sleeping late :P

Any good diners and fun places to eat at this hour?

Also for breakfast in the morning - any suggestions in either Northampton or further south?

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  1. Hi! SInce I have 2 young kids, I am not usually out that late, but I am almost 100% sure that Local Burger is open past bar closings. Good burgers, good fries, BYOB. That would be fun and then you could go across the street to the Dirty Truth for a last call beer (about 40 beers on tap). I think the Dirty Truth actually has the best burger in town, but I am not sure they will serve that late.
    As for breakfast, my choice in Northampton would be the Green Bean. If you go past 9-9:30 or so, you will likely have a wait. Great pancakes, great eggs, lots of local meats and produce. It's a great spot for breakfast.

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      Saintp gave a solid option. Here's mine... Go to Packards ( located near Woodstar) and have a drink and order something on their menu. Not sure how long this bar serves food but I believe it'll be close ( check on it) and I've eaten there pretty late ( not sure midnight though). They have an okay menu and the fries are good. I usually get the roast beef club. Sit and eat/drink, then hang out listen to music and order another drink.

      Breakfast is hard because all the really really good ones are a wait like what was mentioned of the Green Bean. I like Sylvestor's alot. Haven't been to Jakes in a couple of years ( it closed for a while) but it was good. Plenty of places to grab a quick coffee and donut or bagel though if you're on the go.

      Plus at late night do not discount a quick slice of pizza at any number of places so you can be on your way to the bar.

    2. Thanks for the replies!

      In case we're running late and / or too tired to sit down somewhere, is there drive-thru or fast food open past midnight?

      Or a grocery store?

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        I think mc donalds is open until midnight.
        do not be deterred from green bean by the wait; put your name on the list, take a stroll. Far better than sylvester's imo, and there will be a wait there too.

        1. re: magiesmom

          agree with bean is much, much better than sylvester's. a stroll through downtown is always nice.

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          Add Grub to the list of late night spots. Open 'til 2AM Thu.-Sat. It's a recently opened sandwich shop on Pleasant St. in downtown N'hampton.

          There aren't too many drive thru places in the area. You would have to look at the website to see if McDonald's is open late. There's one in Easthampton and one in Northampton. Also a Taco Bell/KFC in Northampton (all on King St.).