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Feb 13, 2002 03:59 AM

Portugese food or Sangria in San Diego?

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I've really enjoyed reaping the rewards of Chowhound messages. Thanks to the Chowhound who reminded me about the Fishery (the Blue Point Oysters were delicious).

I'm trying to find a Portugese Restaurant in San Diego. You'd think there might be something out near Point Loma. Suggestions?

Also, with the warm weather we're having, my wife and I have the itch to sit outside and drink good Sangria.

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  1. Too bad this answer is five years too late, but the definitive Portuguese place in San Diego is PORTUGALIA in Ocean Beach. There is a Portuguese market on the first floor and the restaurant upstairs. It is MAGNIFICENT Service is personal- the chef /owner counseled us on our choices, and there is live music of all kinds on various days of the week. Look it up in the phone book. I cant remember the address, but they do have a web site you can google.

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    1. re: Ranchero

      Thanks for the tip - this sounds like an interesting place to try!

      1. re: Alice Q

        Hey Alice - I've been to Portugalia a few times, and I've found Dining Diva's assessment to be pretty much on the spot, even though it's from back in 2004:

        There was an interesting comment in the "Worst meal of 2006" thread as well.

        1. re: KirkK

          Thanks for the heads up Kirk. I thought (and was sort of hoping) that this was someplace new I hadn't heard about yet. I will check that info out.

          As far as sitting outside and drinking Sangria - the Prado actually makes a pretty good pitcher - I think it's $15.00 and very generous - about six glasses.

    2. Ole Madrid in the Gaslamp District had good sangria, but I ate there about the same time you posted on Chowhound, so who knows what's happened there in the past five years.

      1. Alexander's in North Park has a great sangria