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Mar 4, 2012 07:19 AM

Chef Michael d'Ennery

I was a big fan of Chef d'Ennery when he was at Trinity and dined there frequently despite the fact I didn't care for the ambiance nor the crowd. Never made it to Atlantic Bar & Grill, as it was quite a trip for us. Just noticed he is no longer there. Anyone know what he is doing now?

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  1. Per his LinkedIn page, he is the Chef/Patron of Maverick Kitchen.

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      Thanks, bgut1. I had seen that, but can't find anything about Maverick Kitchen. Found the Facebook page and it noted an address. Looked up the address on Google Maps and there only seems to be residential properties there, so I'm wondering if he is doing individual catering or something like that.

      1. re: lggfly

        It looks like he's at Mark Joseph's Grilled Pizza & Restaurant in Manalapan. I've been waiting for them to open and I liked their Facebook page. His name popped up on the site. Hope he's their chef. May try it this Friday night.

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          Thanks Pink Pepper. Hope you are right. Visited the Facebook site. Not too many places serve short ribs and I know from the old Trinity days that short ribs are a specialty of ChefMD. We've had them and they are "to die for." Please let me know what you think after your dinner Friday. We live very close to Manalapan, so if he's there, so are we!!!

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            Will do! My husband loves short ribs, too.

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              Don't think I ever had better short ribs than those from ChefMD......even better than Grandma's!

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            I loathe the idea of travelling diagonally across the county to eat, but I also heard that ChefMD was going to be doing something in the Manalapan vicinity. Honestly, I don't know a better chef in our area, so I suppose, I'll have to make the trek to eat his food once again. Italian food may seem a bit of a departure from Trinity and AB&G, but the carbonara he once made me was the best I ever had ( ). I wish him the best of luck and I'm glad we have him back.

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          Well, that reads like a menu chef MD had something to do with.

        2. Just before sockster posted the link for Mark Joseph's website (above), I found it via Open Table. On OT, they list "Michael d" as the executive chef, so I presume that's Chef d'Ennery. We never went to Trinity.

          I'm very interested in reading Pink Pepper's report. Normally, I would not even consider trying a new Italian restaurant in our area since none has ever been anything but a disappointment. However, depending on what she has to say, I may make an exception with this one.

          Btw, I called to find out its exact location. It's in the Alexander Plaza.

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            Uh-oh, pressure is on. ; ) I am terrible at writing reviews. I'll try my best. I'll even take pics.

            1. re: RGR

              FYI we are not an Italian Restaurant.....

              1. re: chefMD

                Well, that's good news! WAY too many Italian restaurants around these parts as it is. And Nuovo hasn't even opened yet (where Le Peep used to be).

                Q. How do you make a grilled pizza?
                A. Very carefully. :)

                1. re: MarlboroMan

                  Introduced to grilled pizza a few years ago and now it is our favorite to make at home. The key is have everything ready to go. Grill one side to perfection, flip and QUICKLY add whatever you had planned from simple to complex. Grill until done and enjoy. Actually quite easy once you try it.

                2. re: chefMD

                  Good to have you back, Chef. Can't wait to have your food again.....and almost in our backyard!

                  1. re: lggfly

                    Are they open yet. My backyard for sure! Can't wait to try it. Chef d'Ennery is extremely talented.

                    1. re: charmel

                      Compliments to chefMD. The menu and photographs look very good. I am looking forward to trying the place real soon.

                  2. re: chefMD

                    "FYI we are not an Italian Restaurant....."

                    The menu seems to indicate otherwise. Yes, you have included non-Italian dishes. However, the bulk of the menu looks Italian to me, i.e., a very extensive pizza list, more than half of the small plates, and five of the eight large plates.

                    In any case, I sincerely hope that your food will be delicious. I will happily welcome an excellent restaurant, Italian or not, a proverbial stone's throw from our house.


                    1. re: RGR

                      Time for my brief review. Wait! The place is still too new. The staff was nice but not yet comfortable. We were seated by the hostess and asked what type of water we wanted. We chose the flat and no water was brought out. I took out our wine, my husband ordered soda and then our waitress brought me a glass of water, none for him. The bread was bland. Nothing tasty in our bread basket.
                      We ordered the romaine salad and the fried calamari for our small plates. The fried calamari was tough and chewy. We compare all fried calamari to our favorite place, Brioso. I know that many on this board are not fans. But to us no other Italian restaurant in our vicinity comes close. So that's our standard even it we stand alone.
                      Now for the pizza. We chose Mark's favorite, roasted mushrooms, truffled breadcrumbs. That was delicious! Tasted like a big stuffed mushroom. Would definitely go back in a few weeks when we're in the mood for grilled pizza.
                      The place definitely has potential. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the menu. But like any other new place, it just needs time to work out the kinks.

                3. We have been fans of Chef Mikes since his days at Trinity and went in for dinner last night and were very pleased. We started with the Pork Belly Pastrami sandwich which is pork belly pastrami with sauerkraut and russian dressing on a house baked pretzel roll. It was fantastic and we would return just for this sandwich. They cut it into two halves and plated each seperately since my wife and I were sharing it as an app so thats why the picture only has half in it. For our other app we had the joey grilled pizza which comes with sausage, roasted peppers, carmelized onions and smoked mozzarella. It was very good with a crisp thin crust and a bit of smokey char from being grilled.

                  For our mains we had the cabernet braised short ribs over polenta and the malfatani which are torn pasta sheets with baby tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, evoo, and basil. The short ribs were tender and flavorful but the pasta was my favorite, nicely balanced and a good mix of flavors and textures.

                  For dessert we had cinnamon fritters with 3 dipping sauces, chocolate, caramel and strawberry which were very good. The service was a little spotty and hopefully will improve over time as this is the first weekend they are open. One sugestion if you go is to make sure they give you both menus. Originally we were only given the menu which included the pizzas, apps and entrees. We had to ask for the 2nd menu which included the salads and sandwiches. We will certainly return soon to try out more of the menu.

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                  1. re: Bossa_Nova

                    Other than the "visit from the grim reaper" wings, those short ribs and the pastrami were my top choices to sample. Sounds great. I look forward to heading up there soon. Our fellow 'hound has a very good command of combining flavors.

                  2. Pink Pepper and Bossa_Nova,

                    Thanks for your reports! Sounds as though, with the exception of the calamari, the food you both had was very good. Once Mark Joseph's has been open for a while and has, hopefully. worked out the service issues, we'll probably try it.