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Mar 4, 2012 05:45 AM

Cake in Iowa City

Looking for a source for birthday cake. I'm familiar with the offerings at New Pi, but am interested in branching out - any other suggestions? Would love to find a place with good, not sweet frosting - maybe even whipped cream instead of buttercream. Decorations don't matter as much as taste.

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  1. I would look at Deluxe - everything I've had has been great (especially the carrot cake). They do custom orders and I think they stay away from the overly frosted sugar rush cakes.

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    1. re: corneygirl

      I would second Deluxe also, If you pick it up the coffee and petit fours are pretty awesome too.

    2. Just wanted to report back that Deluxe fit the bill. The frosting was much less sweet than some of the new pi cakes, and they don't load as much onto the cupcakes as some places do. I liked the croissants also, and the coffee was good as well (Intelligentsia). I did have a coffee cake that I thought was just ok, but am lookng forward to trying everything else they offer.

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        Thanks for reporting back, I'm glad it worked out! I've heard the donuts they have on the weekend are amazing, but I haven't tried them myself.

      2. I was never a huge fan of the Cottage when they were downtown, but actually I had piece of cake from them the other day that changed my mind. Someone brought it to departmental shindig so I don't remember the exact flavor, but it was a chocolate cake in several layers with icing and ornament. The chocolate layers of the cake were light and moist, and the icing was smooth, fluffy, and real tasting with rich chocolate ganache piping. It had none of the grittiness one encounters so often in butter frostings, and it had a pleasant contrast of textures with the cake, frosting, and harder ganache.

        I really appreciate it when desserts are not too sweet, and it seemed like this cake preferred complexity over saccharin. At any rate, I was impressed and made a mental note to go over there to their new location and check out what they are making these days.

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          perhaps it was the lack of Alberhathy, but the cream cheese brownies rocked at the old place used to rock. I find the pasties at the new place to be awesome

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            I've tried the cupcakes at cottage with mixed results. The buttercream was gritty and it tasted a bit like the refrigerator - I think their cupcakes may sit there for a day or two before being sold, so they aren't always super fresh.

            I'm looking forward to the opening of Molly's cupcakes downtown though.

            1. re: Pandora

              I've seen some attractive cupcakes in Revival downtown, but I haven't tried them (while you're waiting for Molly's - where is that going to be?)....