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Mar 4, 2012 05:01 AM

26 Hours in Buenos Aries

I arrive at 10AM on a Sat. in Buenos Aries. I am staying in the Puerto Madero area in BA.

I am looking for a few suggestions;

1) A great Parrilla - when I eat steaks in the states it is Del Friscos, Capitale Grill, David Burke. What should my expectation be?

2) Lunch Suggestions - Since the Empanada seems to be the staple - I would like to sample some varieties

3) Wine - I will be traveling back through BA on a Monday, looking to find wine shop that will help me ship wines home.

any other suggestions for what to do on a Sat night in BA will be most appreciated.

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  1. Re: 3) Anuva wines will hook you up with fine wines you can't get in the US. They even have a subscription option.

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    1. re: davidncpr

      Thanks David. I am in BA for such a short time, any assistance is much appreciated

      1. re: jbossdog1

        Sure. Other suggestions: get out of Puerto Madero and go down to San Telmo. Two of the classic parrillas there are La Brigada (Estados Unidos btwn. Defensa and Bolivar) and La Gran Parrilla del Plata (Chile and Peru). For a nice historic cafe, Poesia (Chile & Bolivar) and Bar Seddon (Chile & Defensa)

        Empanadas are everywhere. Go into a random panaderĂ­a and grab a few...

        Have fun!

        1. re: davidncpr

          Thanks again. I like the idea of getting away. It seems like dinner in BA is european in structure - starting much later in the evening. That will allow me to explore a few Panaderia's and m,aybe a pizza place as it seems it is nearly as famous for pizza - like the Brooklyn of SA.

          1. re: jbossdog1

            I would also recommend trying helado (gelato/ice cream) in BsAs. My favorite place is Nonna Bianca in San Telmo, at Estados Unidos 425. Limon al pisco is particularly good. But the city is full of heladarias, they are very popular and tasty here. I would second La Gran Parrilla del Plata and try ordering provoleta as an appetizer, many parrilas have it, it is provolone cheese grilled on the parillla.

            1. re: hoolese

              Thank you for the response, I will give it a try,