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Mar 4, 2012 12:17 AM

Uses for diced prosciutto?

I could just smack myself upside the head! I was at the store after dinner tonight, and in the deli section they had 7 oz. packages of diced prosciutto that expire March 8th at half off, so only $2.99 each. I stood there staring at one in my hand deciding if there was anything I could use it for, or if I could freeze it, then decided against it.

On the way home I thought, Spaghetti Carbonara! Argh, now I have to scurry back there in the morning.

In the meantime, I thought I'd ask, what else could diced prosciutto be used for? I googled freezing prosciutto—it appears if I make a foil pouch for it, then seal it inside a freezer bag, it should last a few months. At this price I'm not opposed to buying a second package to test this out if there's another good use for it.

Any ideas or suggestions or a good recipe using diced prosciutto? Thanks!

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  1. Risotto! Buon appetito!

    1. Pizza, prosciutto bread, amatriciana sauce, sautéed with greens or with other veg. salad. Pretty much endless options of pasta.

      1. A la vodka is my favorite use. I buy cheap hunks of proscuitto all the time and freeze, it's fine for cooking. I recently used some in an asparagus quiche, which was very nice.

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          Yeah, I also seek out the ends of prosciutto to dice up and use for dishes. Sauteed diced prosciutto is the base of my white bean and kale soup. Great for ragus too, like the lamb and mushroom one I just made and am heating up to finish off as we speak. :-) Crisped up diced prosciutto is also a great salad topper and great in a lot of pasta dishes besides carbonara. There are so many possibilities.

        2. Pureed asparagus (save tips) with heavy cream, nutmeg, asparagus tips, and chopped prosciutto that has been warmed in a bit of butter, mixed and served over penne w/ parmigianno-reggianno.

          1. Eggs. Start the meat in a pan, when it is sweating, add beaten eggs and softly scramble. Some diced onions mixed in with the ham wouldn't be a bad addition either.