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Mar 3, 2012 11:48 PM

Best veggie burger in Vancouver?

Who is making them in-house?

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  1. You could try the one at Dharma Kitchen. I really enjoyed it but YMMV as I mostly eat meat-based burgs.

    1. This might sound a bit funny, but one of my absolute favourite veggie burgers in the city is at The Cambie. It's curried, and really tasty. Raglans on Lonsdale right by the quay also has a good in house felafel patty.

      1. Naam on W. 4th/MacDonald *should* make their own veg patties, but I've no idea. Last time I ate a veg burger there was probably in the early '90s, yikes !

        The Foundation on Main/6th does make their own patties.

          1. The only place I eat a veggie burger is at The Prophouse Cafe on Venables 1/2 block west of Commercial Drive. (Uprising Bakery is across the street). The patties are usually made daily and without any soy product and the variety of sandwich add-ons are plentuful and yummy. Good value for the price which is around $5.50. Their loaded burger will keep you going forevah in the day! Go for the veggie burger stay for the ambience. Coolest place to chill off The Drive.

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              The Prophouse also has great jazz nights.

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                Thanks for the info on Prophouse, y'all. I've been eyeing it lately and wondering. Any other recommendations there?