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Mar 3, 2012 08:28 PM

Need recs on sturdy wine and martini glasses

We are in the market for white wine glasses and martini glasses. Our last set of wine glasses were Speigelau, which were lovely, but broke very easily. We are old enough that we don't want to buy really cheap stemware, but also don't want something fancy and delicate that ends up being quasi disposable. Is there any in between? As far as martini glasses go, we'd also prefer something on the heftier side, but more importantly, we want smaller ones. I'm not into the huge martini glasses you so often see at bars these days. I'd prefer a more old fashioned serving size. Any suggestions on either or both would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. It's certainly worth checking if you can get John Jenkins products in the US:

    We have quite a lot of their glassware from our wedding list over 20 years ago and it's proving very durable. I believe that the lead content is a little below that of "full lead" crystal, so it can go in the dishwasher (check DW basket height!). We made a slight error in having both red and white wine glasses, when the white glasses are pretty big and would have been perfectly adequate for red wine and we could have just had twice as many whites. A little cheaper too.

    Edit: Just looked at the Showroom bit of their site and see they do have a US address. I like the look of the Gala glasses. Our "Park Lane" glasses seem to be discontinued.

    Double Edit: Following the link at the bottom of the Jenkins site to William Yoward (sister company?) got me to the Davina line of stemware which looks identical to what I have. It's pretty chunky stuff and this is their martini glass, which might be just what you are looking for:

    1. Don't know about martini glasses, but for white wine I have the Schott Zwiesel Pure Sauvignon Blanc glasses, which you can get from a variety of sources, including Amazon.

      Love them. Got them after I broke too many Reidels. The price is right and I don't think they look cheap.

      1. I have had these for some time, and none have broken, even with repeated washing in a dishwasher on a regular (not delicate) cycle.

        They are Crescendo by Luigi Bormioli, and are available at most department stores. They are made of a lead-free glass that is supposed to be break resistant. I bought this particular style because at the time it was the only one available using this glass. They may have more, now. I know they also have a martini glass, but it may be too large for your liking.