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Mar 3, 2012 07:06 PM


It's Saturday night before Purim, my kitchenaid mixer I got as a wedding gift has never been used, and I want to make hamentaschen. Anyone have a good recipe they'd be willing to share?

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  1. I will proudly share my mother's recipe. They come out more crispy and not as sugary as some, but they're my favorite! (You can cut down the recipe, if you like.)

    Hamentashen (makes approx. 130 cookies)

    5 t. baking powder
    1/2 t. salt (or 1 t. kosher salt)
    2/3 c. margarine
    1 c. sugar
    1/2 c. honey
    4 eggs
    2 T. lemon juice
    6-7 c. flour (I have used 2 c. whole wheat of the total)

    Mix all ingredients except flour in stand mixer. Start adding flour gradually, until dough sticks together. Roll out and cut circles. Put small amount lekvar or other filling in center. Pinch 3 corners. Bake on sprayed or parchment-covered cookie sheet 15 minutes at 350.

    I noted this the last time I made them:
    Apricot butter (Simon Fischer)--1 jar fills ~30-32 hamantashen
    Prune lekvar (Simon Fischer)--1 jar fills ~ 50-58 hamantashen

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    1. re: queenscook

      I've made queenscook's recipe for several years now, and I like them very much. I use a bigger cookie cutter than she does (a standard drinking glass, slightly over 3 inches in diameter), and end up with about half as many hamentaschen.

      1. re: GilaB

        Oh, cool; I didn't know you were making them; I'm really glad to hear that.

        As for the size, though, I just measured the cup I use, and it's just a shade under 3 inches in diameter. I wonder if I get so many more because maybe I roll them thinner?

        1. re: queenscook

          Made hamentashen at the assistant living place. The instructor said if you roll them to thin they will crack. Perhaps they had too much filling.

          1. re: queenscook

            Perhaps. I don't think I make them super-thick, but nor am I going for very thin. We'd actually discussed this once before, and at the time, you said you used a smaller cookie cutter than I. I'm going to make mine today, and can report back with a final number later.

            1. re: GilaB

              Ended up with 90, 45 each of apricot-lemon and date-almond-spice.

              1. re: GilaB

                Fillings sound great. May I ask for the recipe for the date-almond-spice?

                1. re: queenscook

                  Well, I started with Solo date filling, so I totally cheated, but I added cinnamon, cardamom, and roughly ground almonds (slivered almonds in a mortar and pestle). I can't be more precise with the volumes - I sprinkled the spices heavily, and used about two handfuls of nuts. The hamentaschen came out wonderfully.

                  1. re: GilaB

                    Thanks. If I have time to do hamentashen this year, which I, unfortunately, may not, I'll give it a shot.

        2. re: queenscook

          I just finished making a batch of hamantashen and while the end result was delicious, the dough was very sticky and difficult to work with, even though I chilled the batter, as directed. Is your recipe dough easier to work with?

          1. re: EmpireState

            If you make it by hand, it's somewhat sticky in the process of making it, but once all the flour is incorporated, it's fine. And it certainly is no problem if you are using a KitchenAid. Once you're at the rolling stage, I find the dough easy to work with, as long as you sprinkle flour on the surface and rolling pin occasionally.

        3. Look at the Mama Leah's cookbook thread. There is a pretty reasonable recipe there.

          1. i second queens cook's recipe. although we got 90 out of a double batch so i question the 130 yield #

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            1. re: Moishefrompardes

              It's the honey that really makes it, I think. What fillings did you make this year?

              1. re: Moishefrompardes

                I'm so honored! But 90 out of a double batch?! Yours must be far larger than I make them.

              2. I had some incidents with my cookie sheet, so the plan was canceled. Thank you for the recipe though. And I can't find the kitchenaid (we just moved).

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                1. re: craigcep

                  I used bakers secret and i didn't use any butter or parchment paper and the cookies came out perfect.