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Mar 3, 2012 06:37 PM

Cozy First Date Place by Larchmont Train Station?

I will have a first date in Larchmont, possibly near the train station because either one or both of us won't be driving in.

Anyone know a tasteful quiet place with delicious food? Ethnic would be fine, artsy, off the beaten track, and definitely not fancy or expensive.

Thank you.

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    1. re: Westjanie

      Change of location -- Katonah instead of Larchmont.
      Any ideas there?

      I'll save Turquoise for next time, thank you!

    2. Not helpful for Katonah but if you go with Larchmont should there be a date #2, Plates on Myrtle, walkable from train and not cheap but not as pricey as it might seem and not pub-ish casual but not fancy either. Another option, Watercolor Cafe on Boston Post Road - a bit longer walk but doable or a quick cab ride from the station. Often live music. Food not as good as plates but good and a very relaxed vibe.

      IMO Turquoise food is just okay and the atmosphere not particularly warm or artsy.

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      1. re: laylag

        Wonderful suggestions. I'll keep in mind next time. Thank you Laylag!