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Mar 3, 2012 06:37 PM


After many years of wonderful huge family seders in the parent's Northern, CA. Home, my senior folks have had to slow down. Our new tradition began last year with restaurant Seders, both nights, in my L.A. Region. We much enjoyed the Seder at SPAGO last year, and somewhat less exciting &/or traditional was the Seder at JAR. For whatever reason, the local papers Tribe & Jewish Journal do not put out a section mentioning which restaurants have a Seder, nor have they responded to my request for such a section. I see that Pinot Bistro, La Gandola, La Cachette, Gorbals, Koutoubia, Akasha, Il Moro, & Angeli have had them in the past. Does anyone know which of these (or any others) are planning a 2012 Seder? We plan to go to the one at Spagos again, but we are looking to try a new Seder for the remaining night. -JET

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  1. Akasha has it this year -- and it looks wonderful. Jar is doing matzoh brie every night but evidently no Seder. Angeli, of course, is no more. I'm not sure who else is hosting a Seder but I agree -- it's a fun option.

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      What!?, JAR absolutely did do a Seder this year/2012, & I was there. Where did you get incorrect info. from????

    2. This website lists Spago ($175) and Street ($55). It's dated 3-26-12, so it's current.