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Mar 3, 2012 05:46 PM

Shrimp spring roll recipe?

Today I asked for 1/2 lb. of small (71/90) cleaned & deveined shrimp, but instead I got 1 1/2 lbs!!! I'll use some for Aguachile, some for scampi, but would also like to try making spring rolls for the very first time.

What is a simple, foolproof recipe?



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  1. Size 71/90 is a bit small for shrimps that traditionally go in spring rolls. You can make the shrimp into shrimp paste grilled on sugar cane or a variation of that. You could easily take the shrimp off the sugar cane and roll them into springs rolls are just skip the sugar can and grill them on skewers or make them into patties like shrimp cakes. Here are some links for ideas.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll try the shrimp cakes.

    2. If you are looking for the fried kind of spring rollHere is a recipe for Vietnamese Shrimp rolls (Chả giò tôm)

      1. If you are looking to make the fresh/cold spring rolls, you can put small or large shrimp in them. They are pretty flexible, IMO. Here's basic instructions

        I usually keep a kettle of barely simmering water on the stove, and use it to top off the hot water used to soften the spring roll wrappers. A glass pyrex pie plate works great-- it makes a good water bath for the wrappers to soften. I always line my cutting board/work surface with a damp/wet kitchen towel (the flour-sack kind, not the terry cloth kind)--it prevents the spring roll wrapper from sticking to the cutting board and tearing.

        Also, I have NEVER ever boiled rice vermicelli. I soak it in very hot water (not boiling) for 10-15 minutes, depending on how thick they are. Careful not to over cook-- they get sogged in an instant.

        You can put whatever you want inside. I like shredded carrots, thai basil, cilantro, boston/butter lettuce leaf, rice vermicelli, and shrimp. Whatever you do, be really conservative about how much filling you put inside. If you overfill it, they will be hard to roll or may not roll at all. No more than a few TBSP of noodle, and be a miser with the rest of the fillings too. The layered flavors in the wrap make for a better taste.

        I serve mine with hoisin sauce garnished with crushed peanuts on top.

        1. Before you go the egg/spring roll route, also consider lumpia...phillippine egg rolls. They usually call for pork, but I prefer using small shrimp, as you have.