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Mar 3, 2012 05:45 PM

Green Papaya vietnamese Chowdown in Bethesda

Just a threesome so we could only try so much.

#4 CuÓn Tôm summer roll appetizer with prawns was plump and fresh.

#33 Cari Gà, chicken curry - very tender chicken.

From their "Caramelize" menu, we had to try something just to see what it was, so we selected #37 Gà Kho Xä, chicken simmered in caramel sauce with spicy lemongrass. Again, very tender chicken. Not as spicy as advertized. I personally didn't like the smell of fish sauce in the dish.

#39 Bún Bò Xào (or #42 Bún Bò NÜong?), Stir fried (or grilled?) lemon grass beef with rice vermicelli and nÜoc mam sauce. It was a winner. Which one did we have?

A guest at the next table ordered a huge fish, I think it was #30 Cá Chiên, a whole crispy flounder with spicy ginger sauce, which she sent back to the kitchen for what we suspect was deboning.

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    1. re: mdpilam

      I would say yay.
      the lemongrass beef we had was grilled. It was delicious. I wish I knew what cut of meat they use and how they make it so tender! It had a hint of teriyaki flavor to it, that I am not used to with lemongrass beef. Of the 3 dishes we ordered, it was my favorite.
      Rick forgot to mention, that we also ordered the papaya salad. That sauce was sweeter than I am used to. It also didn't have the chilies and tartness of a thai papaya salad. We had the option to order with or without jerky on it. We got it with, and that was a nice twist on the dish.

      The yellow curry dish we ordered with chicken also had potatoes in it and was similar to a thai curry in that it was also coconut based.
      None of the dishes were spicy, but they were flavorful.
      The restaurant had a nice ambiance to it. More formal than your typical ethnic place, which I am thinking of with diner tables and bright lights. The place was refined and you could take a date there, yet be at home in jeans. By 6 or 6:30 the place was pretty busy.

    2. I haven't been there for probably a year, but it's always been good.