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Mar 3, 2012 04:37 PM

Supi Cucu hot sauce: where is it available?

This is hands down the best hot sauce you can get in Toronto.

I know that its available on Mount Pleasant at Culinarium and Pimenton. Is it available anywhere else?

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  1. Those are the only two sources that I'm aware of. Have you tried tweeting her and asking? She's pretty active on Twitter. And yes, the Diablo's Fuego sauce is pretty awesome.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      I just tweeted her. I'll report back if I hear from her.

    2. Ruby Eats will be carrying it as of later this week. But that's it for now. She said she's working on other stores downtown.

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        This is what I heard: Pimenton, Culinarium & soon at Ruby Eats!

        Need to hit Culinarium :)

        1. re: TorontoJo

          where is ruby eats located?

          my friend bought me a tiny little bottle from food truck eats (i think) awhile back and i have drooled over it ever since. i hope they also come in much larger bottles!

          1. re: helenhelen

            Queen E between Broadview and the train tressle to the east of Broadview. Its on the north side.

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              tried to go there 2x so far when i was in the area (including this past saturday) but the store is closed everytime i try to go. maybe i'm not meant to have the hot sauce :(

            2. re: helenhelen

              The bottles are quite big. About the size of a can of pop.

          2. FYI,
            The Cullinarium has it PLUS they have a sweet and hot version (!!!)

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              Thanks for the tip atomeyes.

              Both the Hot and the Sweet and Hot are excellent with great complexity. The difference between the 2 is the addition (low on the ingredient list) of pineapple and honey. The sweetness is very restrained.

              Got them at Culinarium an hour ago and now have beads of perspiration betraying my indulgence.

              They are obviously hand made and in the same quality range as the Frontera sauces which is about as good as it gets.

              I also bought the Smokey El Paso red pepper jelly by Perth Pepper and Pestle which I think is outstanding too. It is fairly mild and smokey with roasted garlic.

            2. Just in case anyone wants to see what the bottles look like, I just did a quickie post on the Diablo's Fuego:

              "Diablo’s Fuego is probably one of the most delicious hot sauces I’ve eaten in a long while. I first encountered chef Rossy Earle’s hot sauce at the inaugural Food Truck Eats event last year in little squeeze bottles. Since then, she’s put jars of this lovely condiment on the shelves of select Toronto shops. This fantastic hot sauce has a complex smokey and garlicky taste to it, finished with a vinegary tang. Really tasty. Great on pretty much anything. Like eggs and green beans for lunch."

              Soooo tasty. XD


              1. i noticed it at sanagan's in kensington a week or so ago.