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I know, Tucson is at the end of the food chain.

But where can I find fresh mussels in a resto?

Vivace had them for awhile several years ago, but they have now disappeared from the menu.

I can make a good meal myself out of store bought mussels, but prefer a resto., mainly becuz of the bread to sop up the broth.


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  1. The Dish has mussels on the menu. I had them, and they were delicious. They also have a "Mussels Menu" Tuesday-Thursday at the bar that is an excellent value.

    1. End of the food chain? Don't think so. Check out Kingfisher and Blue Fin for fresh mussels.

      1. Tucson is indeed the end of the food chain. Most folks here who can travel compare notes on foodstuffs they bring back from other places. Like superfine sugar which MAY be available in Tucson during the Holidays, but not otherwise. But BlueFin has mussels and they are OK, but not more than that. I find the quality of seafood at BlueFin to be less than the best. Their Ahi is particularly poor. You can get mussels in a better supermarket like Albertson's or A.J.'s, but the dead to alive ratio is not good. We wind up taking the dead ones back there are so many. You are right to stick to restaurants in this case.

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          Tried Bluefin yesterday. OK, not stelllar, but avg.

          Serviced was minimal. Sat in the bar area, Minimal attention, but so it goes in Tucson

        2. Hi folks,

          Please pardon the interruption, but we'd ask that you keep the focus of this thread on mussels in Tucson, and away from Tucson's location on the proverbial food chain.

          In our experience, sweeping statements about an area's chow don't really help anyone eat better. They're also beside the point -- hounds will travel for great food when they can, but are generally searching for the best of what's available to them.

          Thanks! And as you were.

          1. Sadly, it's mostly true about Tucson being at the end of the food chain, with the exception of Sonoran especially, and other types of Mexican food. I was jonesing for a lobster dinner for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and gave it up for JBar, which was really good, but I"m still craving lobster- Maine lobster. Been here since I was six, which makes me perpetually craving east coast seafood, since I was born in DC and lived in New Jersey and Rhode Island before moving to tennessee and then Tucson when I was six. Dad was in the Navy and wanted to retire to Tucson. I remember in Millington TN having some of dad's coworkers go to New Brunswick on official business and bringing back lobsters for the masses. Same with crabs. But I digress- we used to get mussels at the grocery store near my house on a routine basis- about 25 years ago, now thagt I gthink of it, they were really common, but i don't think as many grocery stores have seafood counters as they used to. They are easy to make yourself if you want to.
            Sachiko has awesome mussels, by the way.

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              The last time I was in Lee Lee market, they had live lobsters for $9.99 a pound. I was there to get a Dungeness crab, which they had for $7.99 a pound. Fabulous, though entirely different from the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs of the DC area.

              Meanwhile, I had dinner at Guiseppe's the other night and noticed that they have mussels on the menu.