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Burger Stomper and Milkshake Bar - Danforth Ave

Coming soon. Saw the sign today. Same block as Carrot Common.

That's all I know.

Boy, seems the Danforth is coming alive once more.

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  1. Danforth Ave is not exactly dead unless you are referring to Danforth and Donlands and just further east. And my idea of "alive" is not a burger stomper and milkshake bar. Is Stompin' Tom going to be playing there? Why are the hounds so turned on by a burger that can be made at home in 5 minutes?

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      fudyDudy what took you so long?

      My comment stems from the many papered up storefronts we've had over the last few years.

      I know you can make most things better at home, including coffee. But many of us can't and either way I'm stoked that places are opening up. Like I said earlier, finally that juice and yogurt bar will relieve us of the ugly blue eyesore at the corner of Logan.

      If you google burger stomper it is a tool to make burgers with. Something that you will find completely useless cuz you can make them much better by hand. We all can. But hey, let's give them a chance, huh!

      1. re: millygirl

        I responded quickly since I figured you would be waiting for a response! I haven't noticed that the papered storefronts stay that way for long at all, have you? It's usually only because some renos are going on... I think there are maybe 2 spots that have been closed slightly longer, but that's not bad when you consider the general state of things in the past few years. After all these years, that spot was not really an eyesore. I would always imagine what I could do with that spot if I was going to open a restaurant. (which I will never do) I'd rather have some really interesting places open up, not the sort of place I will rarely go to. We already have enough of those, such as the popcorn place on the NE side of Danforth.

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        Danforth west of Pape is a hole. Meh Greek restos and, other than Globe and, arguably, 7 Numbers, what else is good?

        1. re: atomeyes

          Surely, this falls under the category of 'trolling' rather than a serious comment. But I'll take the bait anyhow...

          Aravind, Allen's for one of the best burgers in T.O. that's not smashed on a grill and a great beer list, Pachuco for interesting Mexican, Pan for Greek that's not meh, Mambo Lounge for Cuban tapas, Pizzeria Libretto.

          Danforth may not be the hottest spot in Toronto for destination dining, but it's certainly not the Beaches. If you can't find something worth trying west of Pape, you're not trying very hard.

          1. re: TOFoodFan

            its been discussed to death in Allen's-related threads.
            some people love it, lots of people don't. end of story.
            PL is new so it slipped my mind.
            Pan gave me one of the more disappointing greektown dinner's i've had since i mistakenly went to Pappa's Grill 11 years ago.
            Pachuco is overpriced so I'm not interested.

            Saying the Danforth is better than the Beaches isn't much of a compliment. I'll stick to east of Pape, thanks :)

          2. re: atomeyes

            A comment like that proves you don't even check out the places west of Pape much. TOFoodFan already mentioned a few good places so I'll not repeat all the same ones, but Pan is worth a visit, and the $25 fix price is a deal

            I finally tried Combine Eatery this week, I had been avoiding it because they used basa for the fish tacos. I'd keep seeing the place packed as we'd pass by on the way to Globe, so decided to eat there on Tuesday. I ordered shrimp tacos, they were pretty good. My wife and other friend both had the burger, which came with good fries and a salad. I tried all of those, it's a very good burger. I'd order one next time. Bye the way, now I am thinking that basa may not be as bad as some sites on the internet make it out to be....

            Aravind has been getting some good reviews, but we haven't been back recently. I have a Groupon for it so can report here after we try out the tasting menu.

            Last week I used my Groupon for 4 people at Sher-e-Punjab. I hadn't eaten there in over 15 years. I was surprised at how good the food was. Absolutely no oil, good flavours, very good service. I think that any of you who like Indian food would like it. It's far better than any place on Gerrard. Some of the dishes we had were samosas, meat platter (appetiser), pork vindaloo, shrimp curry, eggplant curry (baigan bharta) and chickpea curry. We also had some naan and onion kulcha. I'd go back again.

            Pantheon has good food, and so do various other spots. So when was the last time you came by and checked any restaurant out?

            From your other post in this thread " Pan gave me one of the more disappointing greektown dinner's i've had since i mistakenly went to Pappa's Grill 11 years ago", I'm not really following what you are saying. Did you eat at Pan or Pappas Grill, it's not clear. I don't like Pappas Grill either, but then I haven't been in 20 years.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              Ate at Pan 5 years ago. it was boring.
              ate at Pantheon 1 year ago. great place to take senior citizens. boring, bland, ugly on the inside.

              I don't eat Indian out anymore. doesn't excite me. waiting for a higher end Indian resto to open in Toronto. so scratch that.

              Combine: i was excited when it opened. I don't eat fish tacos, and the rest of their menu (and their price point) threw me off.

              You are 100% correct that I don't check out Danforth west of Pape much. nothing inspires me. We went to Embrulijo Flamenco 3 weeks ago and it was meh and overpriced. 7 Numbers became boring. Lolita's Lust was good but pricey for what you get. I've been to Globe 3 times and have never ever been wowed. Allen's has horrible service, an overhyped burger and a beer list similar to Rhino's - good on paper, but never anything in stock. so remind me again why i need to force myself to eat west of Pape? :)

              p.s. Mezes might be the only place I'd go to.

              1. re: atomeyes

                I realize I'm a bit late since I forgot about this thread. But if you're waiting for "a higher end Indian resto" and haven't yet been to Aravind, you're possibly not paying enough attention and definitely missing out. Aravind is south Indian, which isn't well-represented in Toronto. No heavy curries, and more modern presentations of classic dishes. And the best part is that the food is presented in individually-plated portions, so it's not the boring and overdone giant bowl of whatever for the table to share.

                Seriously, check it out. Well worth it.

                1. re: atomeyes

                  My husband and I have been going to Allen's for years now and have never, ever had bad or horrible service. We still scratch our heads at these reports. Just had the burger again about 2 weeks ago and it was far from overrated. Cooked perfectly, juicy, with great beefy flavour. Always a good bet for me.

                  And Aravind is really delicious. Reminds me that I need to make a return visit soon.

                  1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                    Seconded, never understood the hate on this board. Check this recent review from Serious Eats: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2...

                    Was there last week, warm service from an Irish server. Burger was spectacular.

                    1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                      We've been going, well, pretty much since it opened and at various periods it was our every Friday night dinner out. It's generally been great 99% of the time but every once in a while the wheels fall off completely. Last time it happened for us it wound up taking them 2.5 hours to serve a party of 6 a regular brunch. Patio season in particular seems to bring out the worst. I would say in two decades I've had three experiences so awful that, were any of them my first time in the restaurant I would have never gone back and when they get busy the service can sometimes be a little rattled, especially when Dora is hostessing. I can see how some people get a bad first impression sometimes.

            2. I'll bet 5 dollars it's a Burger's Priest style smashed burger spot.

              1. That's great Milly girl, thanks for always keeping us posted on what's coming on the Danforth! While my intersection of Danforth and Donlands isn't exactly a culinary hot spot I would hardly say it's "dead". Things seem to be changing from the time that we moved there have been some great additions and we've discovered some existing gems Dim Sum, Pho, Burger joint, Makhar....... Went to get some delish olives today at the olive store just west of Donlands. Can't wait for "fro yo" this summer, delish!

                1. You forgot the obligatory "gourmet" in their signage. ;)

                  1. I figured I'd put in my two cents on the restaurant itself since this thread seems to have become mostly about what's good on the Danforth (I'm surprised the usually overzealous CH moderators haven't pounced on this one).

                    It's not bad. Childofthestorm would lose his five dollar bet; it is griddled, but it's not a smashed burger -- the patties are formed before hitting the griddle with the Burger Stomper (a fairly useless gadget used to form patties).

                    The beef is above average and the place does seem to have potential, but they have a few kinks to work out first. Right now I'd say it's not really worth going out of your way for, but if you're in the area you could do worse.

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                    1. re: Michael N

                      Damn preformed burgers and I'm out 5 bucks.

                      1. re: Michael N

                        Well, I could throw a stone from my backyard to Don and Danny. This area has been in a flux for a few years. Never really finding it`s culinary niche. About 40 years ago there was a great Fish and Chip shop that sold a cone of chips wrapped in newspaper for about 15 cents from what I recall. Mom would allow me to spend about 3 dollars from her food money for a pep pizza from Danforth PIzza House once a week. But in my opinion what is missing on the Danny, is a great Fish and Chip joint, sorry Duckworth`s, you are too far off the strip.

                      2. I went with the boyfriend last week for dinner. We both enjoyed our burgers but mine was cooked well past the medium that I ordered it. The toppings were good and they had excellent dill pickles on the burgers. A good amount of bacon on the burgers, as well. We both had bacon cheeseburgers and demolished them.

                        The service was friendly and they were happy to answer questions. I wish they had a list of all the toppings and sauces so I didn't have to ask a million questions.

                        The one sour note was the french fries. They were really thin, oily, and undercooked. Frankly, some were almost raw. It seemed like the oil wasn't hot enough when they were cooked. Someone (one of the owners I think) stopped by to ask for feedback and seemed rather offended by what I told him. He muttered something about "sending out 1000 orders that day" which was kind of annoying. Don't ask for feedback if you're not going to listen to what I'm saying.

                        We would go back for burgers but not the fries.

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                        1. re: petra_reuter

                          I hate that too - when someone asks but doesn't really wanna know - unless of course it's all positive.

                          I def plan to give them a try and hope they do well but 1000 orders? Geez that seems high to me. Call me cynical but I don't believe it. It seemed like a very soft opening. Drive by every day and didn't even realize it had opened. And does not seem to be very busy either. Just sayin'.

                          Not to change subjects but - I'm really looking forward to The Works opening up, which I hear is any day now. That looks promising to me and I've heard very good things about them from other burger bar owners. The competition so to speak.

                          1. re: millygirl

                            Yeah, I was pretty unimpressed by the response and the 1000 orders excuse. There were a fair number of people there last Saturday but I got the distinct impression that they were friends of the owners.

                            The Works is opening across from Square Boy, right?

                        2. We visited a weekend or two ago, it must have been the first week they were open. We didn't realize this, as we're not usually on the danforth, and needed somewhere to eat when it started to rain.
                          And....not great, but has potential. Working out the kinks was definitely needed at the time, as during our 45 minutes there, two people had their orders messed up. One woman had takeout, and had to come back. Both of us had the burger with caramelized onions & cheese (don't remember the name) and shared an order of onion rings. The onion rings were bland and oily, no seasoning. They use a rather small and soft bun, which wasn't substantial enough for the amount of toppings (lots of onions, cheese, ketchup & mustard). It was incredibly messy. I don't remember much about the meat, but it didn't have the same tastiness of a Holy Chuck's patty.
                          Ok, time to cut down on the burgers...

                          1. I was writing a clever post but I hit the wrong button and had to start again so you all get the short version now: The burger is good, the onion rings are also good. When asked if they could do rare (rhetorically) the answer was "Once we get to know you" So I'm going to ask the cook out on a bro date now i guess.

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                            1. re: haggisdragon

                              "Once we get to know you" translation: once we've seen the heath inspectors enough to recognize them

                            2. I was in the area today and I couldn't remember what I had heard of this place on here so I decided to give it a shot. It was just "okay". One of those places where I didn't hate my meal but I probably will not go back to again.

                              I had the "better than the other guy" burger. It looks like the addressed the bun issue because the bun was pretty big and it didn't fall apart with all of the topping. However, I wasn't used to the big grind on the meat. It probably would have been okay if cooked medium but there wasn't even a hint of pink in mine... all grey. The flavour was okay.

                              My friend had the veggie burger and upgraded the bun to glutten free. She said the patty had no flavour to it.

                              The fries were okay but not that crispy (limp).
                              Oh, and I was going to order a milkshake that they had on the display (chocolate nutella) but they didn't have it (not sure if it is gone for good or not) so decided to skip the shake.
                              Lastly, it is funny how someone above posted about "Friends of the owner" dining there when they were there because I think the only other people eating when we were there were also friends of the owner and maybe some of the owners because I heard them talking about names for different products/etc.