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Mar 3, 2012 01:26 PM

Prix fixe menu on a Sunday night in downtown Chicago


Will be coming to Chicago in a few weeks to celebrate husband's 50th birthday. We are frequent travelers to the city and have eaten at a lot of great places over the past 20 years. I was wondering if anyone had a resto suggestion for a place with a prix fixe menu on a Sunday night. I recall that Cafe des Architetes used to have this but I don't see that it's offered anymore (we are staying at the Sofitel).

Places we've eaten have been Cafe Spiaggia, Topolobambo, Fox and Obel, Wishbone (we love breakfast hence going to WB and F&O frequently), Everest, Mercat La Planxa, and the Four Seasons for brunch (and there are too many others to list).

I thought about going to Blackbird as we haven't been there but it's just a thought (I looked at Girl and the Goat and as usual there are no reservations available).

In any case, suggestions are welcomed. And I guess it doesn't need to be prix fixe -- just good food.


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  1. Another great restaurant not on your list is Tru; it is just a tad north of downtown Chicago in the adjacent Streeterville neighborhood. They offer both a tasting menu and a three course Prix Fixe. Excellent food and service. It is a worthy venue for celebrating a special occasion.

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    1. re: Gonzo70

      The Sunday night requirement excludes Tru, which is closed on Sundays.

      1. re: Eldon Kreider

        Forgot about that. They are open on select Sundays; if they are coming in town the last Sunday of March that is one Sunday they are open.

    2. An interesting variant on prix fixe is the Brazilian churrasquerias---look at website of Fogo de Chao or Brazzaz to get an idea. Price runs about $50 for evening dinner. First there is an astonishing salad bar that you could live on for a week. Then you turn a paper disc at your place to signal the waiters that you are ready for action and a non-stop parade of them brings around 15 cuts of meat to your table, slicing off as much as you want---many cuts of beef, also chicken wrapped in bacon, roast lamb, lamb chops, roast pork, sausage, (Brazzaz also brings shrimp and grilled pineapple). Other side dishes are brought to the table and at Brazzaz there is also a hot buffet. This goes on until you tell the servers to stop. Pricing is fixed, including salad bar, meat, and side dishes ad lib. Dessert is extra. Websites have pictures.

      1. Addendum to previous: sorry, I just checked their website and Brazzaz is closed until further notice due to a fire in the restaurant. Must have been recent. But Fogo de Chao is wonderful, in fact I think their meat is better.

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          Depends on where the OP is coming from, they may have a Fogo de Chao at home.

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            I've never been to a Fogo de Chao, but my impression has been that they are known for a lot of food, rather than really notable food. Am I mistaken?

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              You are correct. I have been to both Fogo and Brazazz. They are definitely more about quantity than quality. Not bad places, but nowhere near a fine dining experience.

          2. Thanks for comments. I do not want to eat at any chain restaurants (and we do have a Fogo where I live).

            I wish that one of Bayliss's restaurants was open on Sunday.

            Please give me some other options. We can always go to Hub 51 - it's good and reliable.



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              Goosefoot is another place worth looking into; it is not downtown, but in the northwest side of the city (can get there from downtown via the Brown Line or cab). On weekends they often show as full on Open Table, but if you call them they may have availability. Excellent food and service.

            2. L2O would be a lovely option. Some of the places that have Sunday specials although not necessarily tasting menus include Balsan Restaurant's Sunday Supper, Takashi's Sunday Noodles, and if they still do it, Sunday is the only night for Fried Chicken at Art Smith's Table 52. Ria, the more upscale (compared to Balsan) at the Waldorf Astoria pka Elysian Hotel, offers a tasting menu, has 2 Michelin stars, and is open Sundays.