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Mar 3, 2012 01:07 PM

Santa Marinella, Lazio

Just spending a few days in Santa Marinella, by the sea after arriving @ FCO very late. Any suggestions for dinner!

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  1. Yes! Tavola Azzurra 2. It looks like a road side tavola calda, but is the very best place to eat in Santa Marinella. Amazing seafood, in a very very simple setting. Ask for the antipasti, and enjoy it while they bring plate after little plate of squid, clams, lobster, seafood salad...
    Tavola Azzurra 2
    Via Aurelia 111/

    Another lovely place, slightly more upscale with a nice outdoor terrace is L'Acqua Marina Piazza Trieste, 8
    Santa Marinella
    0766-511 715
    Fantastic pasta with sea urchin.

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