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Mar 3, 2012 12:54 PM

Closing Night at Le Bec-Fin--Anyone Going?

I'd be curious to hear how the evening goes.

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  1. Your thread was the first and only hint I came across. Did not go. But in yesterday's New York Times, there was an article about Georges Perrier and Le Bec-Fin:

    America’s Bocuse Retires in Philadelphia

    Georges Perrier and his restaurant introduced me to fine dining. Many happy meals and transported moments I did experience there, not to mention some quiet drama and precious lessons. Au 'voir, Monsieur.

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      4 of us went at 5:30. Saw only one celeb (one of the news anchors), but apparently most of the names came later. Food and service was excellent, and Georges was in rare form. Left with autographed menus and photos. It will be interesting to see what the new Le Bec Fin becomes.

    2. I went to the last ever Grateful Dead concert. That counts equal, right?

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