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Mar 3, 2012 12:37 PM

Foulest flavours...

Is there any flavour that can actually make you physically sick? Something you couldn't choke (or keep) down even if you were paid? I'm mostly wondering about common/everyday things, not exotic stuff that many people would find nasty (balut, for example).

For me:

- marzipan - I love almonds and almond flavour in many things, but the combination of the almond and the sweetness of marzipan makes me gag. I could not swallow this.

- green or red cough medicine - I would lvoe to know the ingredient that makes this so, so awful - this is, with marzipan, i think the only flavour I have experienced in my life that will make me vomit

- cilantro - if I hardly chew at all and swallow it quick, I can handle this, but the taste lingers in the mouth and if I eat too much or let it stay there for too long, I get the gags

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  1. Chocolate and orange.

    Doesn't make me gag, but I certainly do not like it.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Oh!! My most hated combination!!!

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I can do orange and chocolate... it's orange and cream that I loathe. I can feel my stomach twist just thinking about creamsicles. Gak.

        And coffee. Can't stand the taste or smell of it. Smells like raw sewage to me. And my husband loves the stuff and freshly grinds his beans each morning. I have to stay out of the kitchen. I can't have it in any other product either, with the exception of a tiny bit in chocolate icing or honey cake. But I like it when I go to group dinners and they have tiramisu for dessert because I'm not even tempted to have any!

        1. re: AmyH

          Those chocolates that sneak up on you in a mixed box which are a chocolate shell filled with orange cream, such an unpleasant surprise. and the strawberry creams too.

          1. re: gembellina

            Raspberry and chocolate is pretty nasty too. Especially raspberry liqueur filled chocolate bon bons.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              just slide that box over this way, ips -- I'm pretty sure I could live on chocolate and raspberry anything.

              But it has to be *real* raspberry -- the artificial raspberry flavor makes me gag.

      2. I'll basically try anything once, and that's how I've rolled since teen-hood. So over the years there have been maybe a few things I wouldn't subsequently pursue, but honestly, I can't recall ever tasted anything _so_repulsive that it produced any kind of gag response. Even lutefisk couldn't do it.
        But I'll report back after I've tried some durian. From what I've heard, that stuff is reputed to be a real stink-fest. :-0

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        1. re: The Professor

          What wouldn't you subsequently pursue, then? I'm curious. And yes, I've heard durian can push even those with cast iron bellies over the edge.

          1. re: The Professor

            I'm your exact opposite....Love Durian and despise lutefisk . What does me in is Marmite and Balut.

            1. re: Duppie

              I love Marmite but then I'm a Brit.

              Can't stand anchovies, wintergreen or spearmint - now these things make me gag.

            2. re: The Professor

              We tried durian a couple years back and were somewhat disappointed - the stink factor was very slight. I'm told durian coming into NA is frozen to kill any nasties and apparently the freezing also mutes the stink.

              1. re: porker


                I'm not obsessed with durians but I find properly ripened durians and the flesh very fragrant and distinctive, both in a nice way, ditto the taste. Unripe durian or the fruit of poor varieties has an unpleasant "green" taste while barely smelling at all. Considered by many folks (in the Occident, especially) to be an "acquired taste", of course.

              2. re: The Professor

                really liked lutefisk as a child with lots of melted butter as gramma did it that way and we kids always reached for the ketchup.
                durian, no thanks, smelled one in an Asian market in West Edmonton Mall in Canada and it even kind of repulsed that way.
                rutabaga. gag me with a spoon, never ever again will I be forced to eat that disgusting dribble.

              3. +1 on the cilantro. I also can't stand the smell or texture of banannas. If forced to eat a bananna, I will throw up.

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                1. re: baseballfan

                  That's interesting about bananas - I intensely dislike ripe bananas,and find the smell of them disgusting. They have that sweet, fetid, edge-of-rotten smell. Unripe bananas are fine by me, tho, and I eat them a lot.

                  Ipsedixit - I love choc and orange but funnily enough it's one of those things that, even tho I like it, I can see (taste) why other may not. That sharp/sweet thing can be a real turn off, sometimes.

                  1. re: montrealeater

                    Ditto on the bananas me. I love them just shy of ripe but as soon as the spots turn up, it crosses the line for me. Super ripe - happy to bake with but would gag if I ate as is.
                    Banana flavour is off putting to me to (like the fake banana in candies and such).

                    Spice-cake flavours trigger a gag reflex for me - where as the cake itself, or things that have that sweet-warm spice combo (persimmons, some wines that finish with a cloying spice cake note, some sweet beers)

                    1. re: kinnickinnik

                      +1 on artificial banana flavoring. I'll also add liver, eggs and peanut butter. I feel so much better now.

                2. You must be related to my husband. He would have the same list, only in his case, he can't abide any type of almond flavor, except for plain almonds.

                  Ditto on the cough syrup and cilantro.

                  1. Artificial grape flavor, such as that used in candy or cough syrup. Even thinking about it makes me queasy.

                    White chocolate, although that is both a smell and texture thing for me. Can't even put it in my mouth without gagging!

                    I also hate alfredo sauce, at least the kind that is commonly served in all but the best restaurants.