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Mar 3, 2012 11:34 AM

Dulce Patria

We look forward to eating at Dulce Patria & are hoping to combine it with other things. What's the dress code?

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  1. The men I see there usually have on suits and ties. The women dress correspondingly well.

    I'm going again on Thursday Mar 8 and will post back, if you are not going before that date.


    1. Just back from an incredible meal at Dulce Patria. Dress code update for Indigo: men, very well dressed in fine suits and ties. Women VERY well dressed--not fancy fancy, but obviously expensive clothing and excellent shoes. Just FYI, the Scotch on the table by the window: Glenlivet for her, Johnny Walker Blue for him--and lots of it for both.

      Food was exquisite, as was the service. Report to follow on Mexico Cooks!, first Saturday in April.


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        Reviving a months-old thread...

        Does anyone happen to know if Dulce Patria has an email address to contact? We'll be in the DF between Xmas and New Year and am trying to figure out if they're open during that period, and to make reservations...

        1. re: shouzen

          It's always better to call than to email for this sort of question. If you will PM me at with a name, the time of day and the number of people who will be going, I will be happy to call them for you and email you with the answers.