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Mar 3, 2012 11:20 AM

McD's Fish Bites [moved from General Topics]

I just tried McDonald's Fish Bites. They were a surprisingly tasty quick lunch!

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  1. Damn, bet these aren't available in Canada. I unabashedly love McDonald's (fries, quarter pounders and filet o fish) and genuinely think that, minus the buns, their food is generally tasty as hell.

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    1. re: montrealeater

      When I first bite into a bun on a McD's sandwich, all I taste is a huge rush of sugar, followed by pasty nothingness. I find the Filet O Fish bun is a little bit better; I think that's because there's a little more substance to it and it's steamed. I am interested to see whether the Fish Bites will turn up in my area (Southern California).