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Mar 3, 2012 11:04 AM

Animal or Son of a Gun?

Which one is better? If you had to choose one for dinner which would it be and why?\

I've dined at Animal before and enjoyed it so I thought I would try Son of a Gun this time around, but I'm not totally convinced.

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  1. The food at Animal is significantly better than Son of A Gun in my opinion but, Son of A Gun is quite good and definitely worth trying, particularly since you have been to Animal already. Although the menu at Son of A Gun is seafood-centric, one of the highlights of the menu is actually the fried chicken sandwich (analogized by the owners to Chick-a-Fil but, I think, much better), among the other recurring items on the menu I have also enjoyed the shrimp toast sandwich, the linguine with clams and uni, the boiled shrimp and the lobster roll (just a bite-size one but very tasty)--avoid the schnitzel, though. Of course, half the seats at Son of A Gun are communal or (tiny) bar, reserved for walk-ins.

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    1. re: New Trial

      I'm in total agreement. Very fair and mirrors my own thoughts almost exactly.

      1. re: Servorg

        Agreed... I found Son of a Gun also more overdone. Although Animal can be over the top, it shows a lot more restraight with the main ingredients still shining through the dish. .


      2. re: New Trial

        Co-sign. We've been gone from LA awhile, so finally had the chance to try SoaG the other day at lunch. We left thinking, "solid, good", but not the same as Animal.

      3. Guess it depends on if you're in the mood for meat or seafood?

        Personally, I thought Son of a Gun was wonderful. It's been awhile since I've been back, but I remember trying more than half the menu with a large table and most, if not all of the dishes were fantastic.

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        1. re: mstinawu

          I did not enjoy Sun of a Gun, some of the portions were insultingly small - lobster roll for example, more like a lobster canape .., only about a teaspoon of lobster for $7.

          Walked out spending $80 lunch for two and not sure what we actually ate..

          Portion or price needs a serious reality check.

          1. re: Sgee

            Have you been to Animal? I'm just wondering if you preferred it?

            1. re: Disneyfreak

              I have not been to Animal, even less keen on doing so after my SOAG experience. I'm chalking it up as yet another LA hipster, overpriced, over-hyped joint. Seems to be a growing phenomenon of late......

              I think I'll spend more time hunting down places like "Super Tacos La Estilo Jalisco Rana" in NoHo. My most memorable dining experience so far in 2012 and dinner only cost $3. Angelini Osteria comes in 2nd and Tsujita's tsukumen for the 3rd spot

              1. re: Sgee

                While spendy, SoaG was really good. Yes the lobster roll was small, but it was the best interpretation of one this side of Kennebunkport. The shrimp toast was also a rich, crunchy highlight. The cocktails are pretty damn perfect. I'd argue it's money well spent. And yet...

                Animal is better. More variety in preparation, more variety in flavor. Said flavors are not subtle at first bite, but have subtlety for sure. One way or the other, definitely fun and inventive. Stripped down decor, more eternal cool than of the moment. If I had to choose... I'll see you at Animal.

        2. Question: How loud is the restaurant? I'm heading there tomorrow night for dad's birthday, and have been reading mixed things about the noise level.

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          1. re: jsandler

            My mom would say that its noisy...lean-in noisy.