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Help with gift of grapes

Hubby's friend dropped by with two flats of grapes...After 4 days, we are officially tired of them. I gave half of one each to neighbors with grandkids. I have about 10 bags left. I have a food dydrater. Also, I can't fins a cupcake or desset recipe...help. Ann

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        1. Roast grapes with Italian sausage and some balsamic...amazing flavor and it freezes fine.

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              I second this. Frozen grapes are a great treat on a hot summer day.

            2. Great tips!!! THey are green seedless and I have only made freezer jam/jelly. The only recipe I use grapes for is the chicken salad recipe everybody makes...I gave more away. Got three left. I'll freeze them. Thanks. Supposed to get a flat of cabbage next week-they store better, and I love coleslaw and corned beef and cabbage..........Ann

              1. I recently came across a recipe for pickled red grapes which sounded interesting. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but with so many it might be worth a try with the green!


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                  I made a similar recipe about a year ago, which called for whole black grapes. Then I forgot it in the back of the fridge. Found it again - they still taste the same. My only problem with them is that while they are tasty, I had trouble using them up. Nice to have along with a sandwich, but not something you'd want more than 3-4 of and I never figured out what else to put with them as a side portion - maybe plain sliced radish or cuke. You could slice them to include in a pan sauce but the net result would be much the same as the easier approach of using fresh grapes plus vinegar. Any color of grape should work in the pickle recipe - as long as it is seedless.

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                    Thanks for the feedback - I'm often drawn to dishes which I just can't imagine how they will taste. I've also had a minor pickle obsession for the last several years.

                    I had thought they might be nice with a relish tray, charcuterie plate or perhaps as a garnish for mixed drinks (kind of like pickled okra is a nice addition to a Bloody Mary). Maybe as a sub for a gherkin or dill pickle in tuna salad, etc.

                    What are your thoughts?

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                      I don't drink so can't comment on the garniture ideas. I think they would be good with charcuterie and instead of olives in antipasti. Since cinnamon is an ingredient, my reaction to the tuna salad concept was "blech". The could certainly go into chicken salad, where grapes are often used, but that is again an issue of why bother to pickle them when there's already vinegar (in the mayo).

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                        Forgot about the cinnamon, not appealing with tuna.
                        No, not at all.

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                          just leave the cinnamon out. i'd probably pick something spicy like dried chiles instead. personally, i'd skip the clove too since i am so not a fan.

                          i like the sweet/sour idea here though.

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                        A French place here in town puts a pickled cherry on the pate plate. I imagine a pickled grape or 2 would work just as well. I made pickled cherries last summer from this recipe - more spicy than sweet. I left out the rosemary.


                  2. juice some or puree and cook oats or grains in the juice/puree.

                    i do a flatbread/foccaccia with nuts (crushed walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans, etc), blue cheese, sliced grapes and drizzled with honey.

                    probably too "straight up" by this point, but great over a white balsamic custard tart...

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                      I was going to suggest foccaccia too. Love your additions Emme!

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                        The focaccia is also great with just grapes and rosemary, also with some shallots added.

                        ETA: I should have read further down thread, where HillJ mentioned the rosemary.... ah well.

                      2. Wash, dry and chill them thoroughly. Line a baking sheet with parchment. Melt chocolate in one bowl and place cocoa powder in the other. Stir the grapes rapidly in the melted chocolate, so that it coats as well as possible. Toss them in the cocoa powder until they are covered. Lay on the parchment and chill again. They're light and crispy and chocolatey.

                        1. Not that it would use up all your grapes, but I like to push them down into a couple loaves (flats?) of focaccia. Along with VERY finely minced (I can't stand big pieces) of rosemary. Baking it brings out the sweetness of the grapes...goes so well in a nice yeasty bread like that.

                          1. Did you dehydrate some? My home-made raisins have converted many raisin-haters. I halve them, place cut-side up, and go about 6-8 hours depending on dehydrator load.

                            1. Skewers or bar keep tooth picks, place 4-5 whole grapes on each stick and freeze. They are marvelous as snacks, work well in cocktails and punch. Frozen grapes keep a good while!

                              1. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/09/gra...

                                you didn't mention what type of grapes but this focaccia is delicious and the use of grapes pairs well.