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Mar 3, 2012 11:03 AM

Tapa bars in Barcelona - Born area

Hi, We'll be staying a couple nights in the Born district in Barcelona. Any suggestions for tapa bars in that area? Or good pizza places? Also, does anyone know if the food Mercado has reopened there?

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  1. I suspect that you haven't received any replies regarding tapas because that topic has been pretty well covered by other threads on Barcelona. Prior to my trip, I found a wealth of good info on Barcelona with the search function. Anyway, Cal Pep and Euskal Extea (pintxos) are both good and in the Born. However, the Born is a quick walk, so don't feel like you need to limit yourself to that area. The Raval, Sant Pere, Barcelonetta, and the Passeig de Gracia areas are all a short walk or even shorter metro ride away. It's a really easy (and compact) city to get around in. I have no idea regarding pizza. But, if I were you, and if you were looking for something cheap, there are tons of good sandwich places and places that do focaccia like items that might be more interesting than pizza.

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      Re: I'm with Parigi but if you insist... some local friends say that Pizza del Born isn't bad.

      1. If your inquiry of 'food Mercado' refers to Mercat del Born, it is still being renovated to become a museum/cultural space. The neighborhood food shopping is at the Mercat de Santa Caterina. As for tapas/pintxos, yes, please search this board for earlier posts. Tons of options; to start, just stroll down to c/Argenteria, around Pl de Montcada, c/Montcada, c/Sabateret, c/Comerc. There will be enough places to fill a week of eating.

        1. "does anyone know if the food Mercado has reopened there?"

          Sorriest I hve trouble understanding this.
          The Mercat Santa Caterina has been renovated and reopned about 10 years ago if not more.
          The Mercat del Born, mentioned by PBSF, has been closed for archeological excavations and there is no date for its reopning
          Euskal Etxea is my top tapas bar in the Born. Bilbao Berria, not far away, in the old town, is also very good. They are not expensive.
          I would not go to pizza places in Barcelona. You have the chance to be in a city with such culinary wealth. Try not to eat mediocre cheap fast food. You can do that when you have left Barcelona.

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            Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your suggestions on the nearby tapas bars. However, I was not interested in finding mediocre, cheap pizza, I was interested in finding a good pizza, because I love to enjoy a foreign city's version of good pizza as much as I certainly enjoy its other outstanding local specialties. I am quite familiar with the high level of culinary offerings in Barcelona, and when I inquire about finding a good pizza, it is in that same vein. There are Telepizzas everywhere, I don't need to consult a forum.

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              Kuk, really an Argentine empanaderia, makes good looking pizzas - but I've only had the empanadas and quiches, which are great. But it's in Eixample, not el Born (C Roger de Flor near Diagonal). They have a website...
              It's a short walk from La Sagrada Familia if you'll be in that area.

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                Thanks, I've heard good things about Argeninian-type pizzas, I appreciate the suggestion.

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                  If you want Argentine-style pizza in the Born, you should check out Pizza del Born. It's nothing outstanding, but it's pretty good pizza. Otherwise, I don't really think Barcelona has a local twist on pizza. Most pizza places seem to be ersatz Italian places run by ersatz Italians. If you want something local, you should look for cocas. A coca is a Catalan flatbread you buy from bakeries and some restaurants. They come in sweet and savoury and in traditional and less traditional versions.

                  For my money, it would be a lot more interesting from a food and culture standpoint to seek those out instead of Italian pizza.

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                    Now that's a really good suggestion, I hadn't thought about that. Thanks so much!