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Mar 3, 2012 09:45 AM

European Meats Closing Need Alternative.

I am quite sad European meats is closing,the coming month,so I would like to make the slow transition to another butcher shop.Can anyone recommend an alternative to European Meats.With as good quality and cheap prices.

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      1. re: Spanglo

        No! LOL!! I was asking whether the European Meats in Etobicoke on Jutland was closing. I have since found out it is not.

    1. If you have to be kind of downtown, prices higher, but selection at the St. Lawrence Market might do the trick, out into lower Etobicoke at the Jutland location, a higher chice though!

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      1. re: Jar

        The butcher's counter at the No Frills in the Dufferin Mall is good. Similar choice of cuts and the prices are about the same or cheaper!

      2. Spanglo, I'm in the same boat. European Meats was my butcher, I was there 3-4 times a week. We just had their souvlaki for dinner and mourned the loss of this easy dinner in our weekly rotation. Anybody have any experience with Salsicharia Pavao at Dundas West and Ossington?

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        1. re: crawfish

          I can never remember the name but the place on Dundas near Dovercourt is very similar to European Meats in selection and price. Osso something? It's the one on the north side. Also, No Frills at Landsdowne isn't too far off what European Meats was offering cut and price wise.

            1. re: blogs

              Yep -- that's it. I always vow to remember the name but for some reason I never do.

              1. re: jamesm

                Besides the rank smell ,this place is pretty good. I always go there to pick up Pork Shoulder. Great prices.

            2. re: crawfish

              I walked to Pavao yesterday. It's at Gladstone and Dundas. They have a huge selection of pork, some beef, rabbit and pretty standard chicken (although there were whole chickens that appeared to be stuffed with offal that someone should try but not me :) ), chourico and other Portuguese sausages. I bought some extra lean ground beef that was expensive at $4.99/lb. It was actually a little too lean for me but the only other option was regular ground beef which was $2.99/lb and too fatty. I think European Meats lean ground beef is 2.99/lb and it would be about in the middle of these two for leaness. Staff are really friendly and it will be interesting to explore some of their cuts of pork. I got some pork cutlets at 3.99/lb that I will try tonight.

              I passed the place on the north side on my way home. O Nosso..... I never realised that this was a butcher, it looks like a grocery store but they have a huge selection much bigger than Pavao so I'll have to try this one, too.

              Still sad though. They are both a good 10-15 minute walk further than European Meats and there are no produce stores near by so my one stop half and hour and I'm home with dinner Kensington shopping trips are going to end.

            3. Why are they closing? I love Euro meats..

              1. On the other hand, I was in Kensington today for another purpose and thought I'd pick up a couple of things from European, for old times sake. Everything was fine, but when I got the keilbasa home, I realized that it looks more like the colour of bologna! All one, light colour. No nice pieces of pork or fat in with the mix. Very disappointing. The taste was fine, but no variety of textures--it really loses something when it has this homogeneous appearance.