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Mar 3, 2012 09:25 AM

Do you own a Cuisinart stand mixer?

I've wanted a Kitchenaid mixer forever and finally decided to make the investment or ask for one as a graduation present. The Artisan is in my price range and I have experience with it. But I really want a mixer that can knead bread dough. I stumbled upon the Cuisinart SM55. It seems like it is perfect for my needs but is a pretty new offering. I've read all of the related chowhound boards but haven't gotten a really good sense of how the Cuisinart performs after the first year. Do you own one? Is it a worthy investment? My budget is $300 and I will have to give up my toaster or toaster oven to create counter space so I need a mixer that will be practical for my family. Thanks.

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  1. I have one. I also have a KA I've had for 20 years. I love the timer on the Cuisinart, very convenient for kneading dough and being able to walk away knowing it will turn off when it's done. I also love the fold feature. I've used the meat grinder attachment regularly for over a year and it's much better than the plastic one that I used on my KA which ended up cracking. It also does not walk the counter like my KA has been known to do.

    Having said all that, I wish I'd bought the Electrolux assistent AKA the Verona but it's more than 2x the price. That is my next and hopefully final mixer purchase.

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      Thanks Rasputina. I guess no other hounds own the Cuisinart...

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          I've seen these threads, thanks. I haven't really found them to be helpful because people chime in about the difference between KA in the past and newer versions. Those discussions are what made me wonder if the KA is a good investment. I'm leaning towards the Cuisinart and waiting for it to go on sale.

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            Try gardenweb. Not as good as this site but it is sometime helpful.

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              Thanks. I'm hoping to find opinions of Cuisinart owners.

    2. d_o_g: I don't have the Cuisinart, but paid $260 for a KitchenAid Professional 600 (575watt) 6qt about 3 years ago for my wife, and we still love it. We use it only about twice monthly, knead double batches of bread and occassionally cookie dough. It is plenty powerful, handles everything we throw at it with ease. It seems that there is always a deal lurking on the web--here's a current one (they report a final price of $195):


      o/w, i would periodically google kitchenaid daily deal (or cuisinart, if you prefer) and wait for a great price.

      1. I don't own a Cuisinart but I will consider it based what just happened. My KA610 is almost a year old (Bought March 26 last year). Today I made a batch of bread dough and it overheated and started to smoke. It turned itself off. It started again an hour later but I am calling KitchenAid and hopefully they will honor the warranty. If you like to make bread, don't buy KA.

        1. We do have the Cuisinart and are happy with it for the most part. However don't let anyone fool you- it can be stalled by some doughs! In fact I am kind of afraid to even try dough with it any more, and that is why we bought the damn thing! Now we just use it for mixing stuff, not kneading.