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Mar 3, 2012 08:46 AM

Chinese Buffet [Albuquerque]

I live near Chinatown in NYC. I spend half the year in Albuquerque. Friends of mine want to go
To a Chinese Buffet in Albuquerque. Which one is the best? Thanks

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  1. We have a lot of those, but they're REALLY bad, JfMirabella.

    Are you looking for that, though, because you're tired of really good Chinese food? Or because somebody is nostalgic for the sweet, cornstarchy, fluorescent, American-Chinese buffet food with soft serve ice cream on tap from the 1970's? Then maybe China Star on Montgomery. My friend's kids swear by it (they also think Chef Boy-ar-dee is far and away the best Italian).

    The real best Chinese in town is Budai, but it's not a buffet place. After that, Ming Dynasty and Chopstix, and after that Chow's (also not buffet places).

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      Thanks. My newly acquired Albuquerque friends love all the various Buffets. I settled for Chow's and it Was in the ballpark. We has Tsingtao Beer. What was funny is that when pronounced with a Hispanic accent it sounds like something else-a little more vulgar. I'm going home tomorrow. First stop will be Big Wong on Mott Sreet- not meant to be vulgar.

      1. re: jfmirabella

        Oh, I miss Big Wong. I still make a copy of the scallion-ginger sauce that they served with roast duck. (When I lived there Mei Dick Barbershop and a place called Fay Dong were all within a few blocks of Big Wong, so the area was full of potential for embarrassing miscommunication.)

        Glad Chow's did well by you. They used to be great and then fell on hard times. Hope they're coming back up to their old standard.

        1. re: ninrn

          Sorry for not answering sooner. Big Wong has been sold to a new group. It still serves the great Chinese barbeque meats. I recently had two lobsters with scallion/ginger sauce for $20. The new owners are trying hard but those of us who know feel it's gone down a few pegs. I'm in Albuquerque thinking about roast duck, soy sauce chicken, spare ribs and roast pork. Take out order have gotten really expensive but with high rents and cost of doing business in NYC, it was inevitable. It's a must stop place for lunch when visiting.

          1. re: jfmirabella

            Ta Lin Market on Central and Louisiana, has very good roast duck and pork. Also, Banana Leaf in Rio Rancho has a very good duck as well.