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Mar 3, 2012 08:23 AM

Dinner Options on Giudecca, Venice

Any chow worthy recommendations on Giiudecca? Looking for something more casual than Cipriani. Views would be nice but not a must. Thanks.

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    1. re: divinecomedie

      unfortunately, the Restaurant Pages and reviews there, and restaurant links are going to disappear on 3/20
      If you have any reviews there, or data you input you can go to your profile page and export it. Here is what you said about Altanella, divinacomedie,
      I love this a little secret Trattoria of the Giudecca with this so special atmosphere "times gone" just like the Pensione la Calcina or Seguso.
      The tables are plastic, but covered with tablecloths and fine old papers menus with an engraving. The terrace overlooking the Giudecca Canal is so quiet and beautiful. The food is simple, very traditional and honest.
      I remember a good "Fegato alla veneziana" ( no fig but caramelized Onions) and gnocchi even better with squid ink.
      The White House is correct (a Tokai) if I remember...
      I also remember a good Tiramisu (as good as eating in Gatto Nero in Burano) and a semifreddo with grapes in grappa.
      Please note the address is almost always full as shown by the small wooden signs on the tables (= reservato) and it closes on Monday and Tuesday!

      Calle delle Erbe, Giudecca, 268, Venice, Veneto 30133, IT