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Mar 3, 2012 08:06 AM

Late supper around PDA

Any good deals around La Place des Arts after 10pm?

Looking for either a late night special, or a place wih ambiance+ good food. Not averse to going to chinatown either if there is something special open late.

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  1. can't really beat razor clams with garlic and scallions + steamed jumbo oysters with black bean at bejing or keung kee

    also brasserie t and f bar are no brainers.. both decent and affordable.

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    1. re: j_do

      Can't agree more about the razors & pacific oysters, only thing, Beijing doesn't always have the razor clams available (though oysters 95% of the time). Don't know 'bout Keung Kee, though.

      Nyks pub kitty-corner to pda on Bleury is pretty good. Don't know if they're open late.

    2. Your requirements are rather general in nature. There are a bunch of restaurants in the Quartier des Spectacles. Depending on how you define "ambience" and "good food" the closest ones to PdA are Le Seingalt, right next to Wilfrid Pelletier, Deschamps in front of Theatre Maisonneuve. Bistro de Nouveau Monde across the street from PdA, The Balmoral across a different street from PdA. Le C in the Musee d'art Contemporain, Six at the Hyatt Regency and Baton Rouge in Complexe Desjardins. And then if you go slightly further afield, there's the Saint Cyr on Saint Dominique and Saint Laurent. Pullman on du Parc and Sherbrooke. Plus the previously mentioned Chinatown, Brasserie T! and F Bar.

      If I remember correctly Le Seingalt and Deschamps have a late night special, but double check first, please.

      1. Thanks for your responses, ended up just drinking at benelux with finger food at benelux (great beer, average food) the clubbing on the plateau and finally late late night smoke meat at Main. Very good, but no schwartz. However the easy seating was definitely appreciated!

        Finally lunch at T! Was great. The coquille St-Jacques and fennel salmon a as depicious as advertised. They even managed to make me like the brussel sprouts that my gf ordered. The sign of a great place!

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          Agreed... I have been complaining to the manager, owner and other centers of influence at Benelux for 2 years about them upgrading their menu... They keep telling me its a work in progress..... I cant believe they make so good beer, have such a great staff (from waiter to brewer) and yet, make so bad food. Anyhow...
          Brasserie T is great, i do love their service and their dedication to great food is a legend... Could we have a place that combine both... Ohhhh i hear business plan?